Government has cancelled all the activities of Independence. Even in Punjab that was planned for celebrating the Independence Day in view of terror threat.


Like every year, in this Independence Day, in all Pakistan. Where people are decorating their homes and vehicles with white and green color.

The cabinet committee on law and order, headed by Chief Minister’s Adviser Rana Maqbool Ahmad. The Comprising inspector general of police (IGP) and representatives of security agencies, had rejected divisional and district committees’. Security plans for outdoor activities of 14 Aug.


The government says to manage indoor functions and events. The local committees should make security plans. For all the indoor activities approved by the government, ensuring installation of walk-through gates and usage of sniffer dogs and metal detectors.


Official sources says there would no processions on August 14. People not to gather at one place without security on the roads or not to gather at public places. Even though all the political leaders, judiciary and high civil officials asked to avoid to join gatherings.


All over the province and Pakistan flax, banners and flag installed all over the road side.

Flag-hoisting ceremonies in divisional and district levels strictly prohibited. The flag-hoisting ceremony, performed by the chief minister or the governor, at Huzoori Bagh.

happy independence day

We all should pray for this year “flag hoisting ceremony” that will held all over the country.

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