How to Change Your Whats-app Agreement Before Facebook Data Sharing Begins

WhatsApp officially announced and Written in the agreement about the Data sharing in Facebook. This Data sharing will begin till the end of 30th September. Those who unconsciously agreed the new Term and Condition.

What is The Benefit and Insecurity in this Agreement? click here


Existing WhatsApp users have time until September 25 to agree or not agree to  the New Term and condition that suggest friends and serve ads.

Unfortunately, WhatsApp’s does not give clear information of the new term and policies.

How to Stop Whatsapp to Share data in Facebook?

Two ways to stop whatsapp  to share Data

First  way New Installed WhatsApp Messanger

  1. When u open first time whatsapp messenger in your Phone You will see this screen on your Phone.
    Dont agree First Click on “”READ””.
  2. After “Read” u will recieve furthur information about the New Term and Policy. You  can see the Box Shape Untick the Term Written that “Share my Data in Facebook”.
  3. After Untick the agreement. You will receive further conformation message. Message that “Your info wont Used in Facebook”.
  4. You can see your screen will look like this. As u click “Agree”. You will take to Whatsapp Normal screen. Then you can enjoy the service securely.

Second Way to stop Sharing your data in Facebook.

If you have already Agreed the Term and You want to Change the Agreement.

  1. Three Dots on the upper side of the screen go on “Settings” and click “Account.” This screen will appear You can see.
  2. Option you can see “Share my account info” to the left. A box that asks you “if you dont share your information”. Click “Don’t share.”
  3. Your can see the picture that “Share my account info” untick. now click on setting and you will get the normal page.

Note: Still your Information will used by Facebook, but not in a insecure way, such as infrastructure etc.


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