• According to Psychologist you must know the following Phrases.

  1. Remember your Birthday.
  2. What you know Teach others.
  3. Mostly try to use the word of (THANK YOU).
  4. Accept your Mistakes.
  5. Know that all the News are not Right.
  6. Don’t forget your marriage date.
  7. Try to be Punctual.
  8. Be the Best-Friend of your Partner.
  9. For all the creatures be Valuable.
  10. Always lock the door of your car.                      
  11. Know when should be Silence.
  12. Don’t play Gamble.
  13. َAlways be Loyal.
  14. What you have Protect them.
  15. Make Schedule for Tomorrow.
  16. Buy what kids sell.
  17. َAlways Learn from others.
  18. Don’t follow anyone.
  19. Fine new Friends but don’t forget your old friends.     Success


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