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Adobe is acclaimed worldwide for its impressive software tools, many of which have become true industry standards in different fields and Adobe Premiere Pro (CC) is one of it’s flagship products, Along with Final Cut Pro, Premiere is one of the best video editing packages on the market, Note that Adobe Premiere is now part of Creative Cloud (CC) which means it is only available on a monthly subscription basis rather than a one-off license but you know that nothing is permanent here we provide you Adobe Premiere Pro CC Free Download software setup with keygen/serial key.

Support only 64 bits

Click: Download Adobe Premiere Pro CC

1. Put the zip file in one folder then Extract the file it’ll ask you about the password then type and enter this password: 

adobe premiere pro cc zip file | Lifestan
Extract zip file then enter the password

2. Open install folder then go on setup folder run the setup wait for initializing to complete NOTE: Your system must have atleast 4GB of RAM and Turn off your WI-FI or disable your internet first until the installation not complete.

premiere pro cc installation | Lifestan

3. Click on Sign In then click Connect Later.

sign in - connect later - Adobe premiere | Lifestan
Sign in then Connect later

4. Click Accept then you’ll asked about Serial Number.

adobe premiere pro serial number - crack | Lifestan
Accept than…

5. Open Keymaker folder then run xf-adobecc2014.exe

Adobe Premiere Pro Crack - Serial Key | Lifestan
Run the keygen

6. Select Adobe Premiere Pro CC then click on Generate after that copy the Serial Key. NOTE: Don’t close the keymaker just minimize it.

Cracker - Serial Key- Keygen | Lifestan
Don’t close the keymaker

7. Paste the Serial Number then click next and click Connect Later.

premiere pro cracker | Lifestan
Paste serial No, Next, Connect Later.

8. Click install and wait the installation to be complete.

adobe premiere pro installation | Lifestan
Click Install.

9. Launch adobe premiere then click on Having Trouble To Connecting To The Internet.

adobe premiere pro cc free download | Lifestan
Launch and click having trouble

10. Click on Offline Activation then click to Generate Request Code.

Adobe Photoshop CC Free Download | Lifestan
Offline Activation Then Generate Request Code

11. Then copy the Request Code.

Request Code - Adobe | Lifestan
Copy Request Code

12. Open the Keymaker then paste the request code in the request blink and click on generate it will give you activation code just copy the code.

keygen - crack- cracker - adobe premiere pro | Lifestan
Paste Request Code and Generate then Copy Activation Code

13. Paste the Activation code in the Response code then click on Activate it’s done now.

Adobe Premiere Pro | Lifestan
Paste the code and click activate.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC Free Download

Adobe premiere pro cc free download | Lifestan

Enjoy editing with Adobe Premiere Pro (CC)

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  1. John says

    I was searching from 3 4 hours tried a lot of the trick and free software they are was fake. Thanks for providing us something real. Recommend everyone should download and learn from this website.

  2. Maria says

    When i put the activation code it doesnt working is i missed something?

    1. Sarwari says

      Dear Maria, When you open the serial key generator please do not close it until the activation not complete.

  3. Maria says

    Thanks now its working

  4. akinola says

    Hi,thanks for the tutorial. i got to the point where i was asked to copy and paste the request code and hit generate. when i did that i got the error message in the activation code box that the request code was invalid. pls help

    1. Sarwari says

      please uninstall the software and install it again then open the key generator and generate serial key and do not close the key generator until it ask for the request code because when you close the key generator it will lose the process. Note: off your wi-fi or disable your internet!

      1. akinola says

        Thank you. It’s now working

      2. Jaclyn says

        Thanks, Lutton, both for bringing up the matter of the placement of names (I didn't try to do more than set down a few quick impressions) and for sharing your benhed-tie-schnes knowledge.Ken

  5. Artizta says

    Hi after i downloaded it, and they requested me to update to the latest version. But its only available for trial.

    1. Sarwari says

      Please off your Wi-fi or disable your internet then try to install it again it will work

  6. Jass says

    I am struck, Can you please help me.
    I have followed as per the instructions, after launching the software, when I key in the request code into the generator, the activation code isn’t generated. When I press the generate button the serial number gets changed to another number.
    I have disabled the wifi, FYI.

    1. Sarwari says

      Uninstall Adobe Premiere than install it again when you opened the key generator do not close it until the installation is not complete. When you close the key generator the process starts again. NOTE: Do not close the key generator until the process has not complete.!

  7. saajan says

    how to get it updated to 2017?

    1. Sarwari says

      Don’t have the updated one till now

  8. Kris says

    Hello! What’s the password for extracting? I can’t view the site. Thank You!

  9. Michael says

    Hello, I have gone through the entire process per instructions but the software won’t install. I have tried to extract zip onto my computer but when I enter password I get error message. I also tried opening file through winrar, was able to go through installation but when I open keymaker I get another pop up asking for password. After entering the same password I get an error message. Please help. Thanks.

    1. Sarwari says

      first check whats your OS bytes version this software only support 64-bits.

  10. Vic Wong says

    i couldn’t find xf-adobecc2014.exe in the Keymaker folder. please help.

    1. Sarwari says

      i think you have anti-virus when you extracted the file the anti-virus has removed the keymaker. Please disable your anti-virus and extract the file again if it doesn’t work than download it again. Thanks

  11. Louie says

    I have managed to install it successfully but when I launch the program, it tells me “Sign in Required” and that “You cannot use Adobe Premiere Pro CC without signing in with your Adobe ID to register”
    But after I made an account it tries to validate the serial number only to get stuck saying “please connect to the internet to validate your serial number” and i am already connected.
    Please Help.

    1. Sarwari says

      Dear Louie. Uninstall the Adobe Premiere Pro and disable or turn of your Wi-Fi than install it again keep in mind once you run the keymaker don’t close it until the installation process is not complete.

      1. Louie says

        thanks for the help!
        Is it alright to update the software too? It’s requiring me to make an account in Creative Cloud in order to update it.

        1. Sarwari says

          You’re always welcome. No Do not update the software

  12. Jack brown says

    How do I do this for photoshop and after effects?

    1. Sarwari says

      I will make a new article about photoshop and after effect

    2. Sarwari says

      We’ll make new article about these two

  13. Jon says

    Everything works perfectly, but upon opening Premiere it prompts me to Sign In (now or later). I can’t find the option for “offline activation”. Please help.

    1. Sarwari says

      Dear Jon. Uninstall the software and disable or turn of your Wi-fi than install it again you’ll get the offline activation option. NOTE: once you run the keymaker do not close it until the installation process is not complete. Thanks

  14. says

    When i want to extract the zip(at the beginning) the password doesn´t work.
    I copy paste the link given in the beginning but that don´t work.
    So what must i do?

    1. Sarwari says

      please do not copy or past the link just type it by yourself. 2nd download the zip-file again maybe its broken due to internet dis-connectivity

      1. Sarwari says

        ( or try ( please do not copy paste the password type it by yourself

  15. nantapon says

    What is the password?
    It aks me when I try to extrack.

    1. Sarwari says

      ( or try ( please do not copy paste the password type it by yourself

  16. Dan Kenneth Mondia says

    Why the password didn’t work?

    1. Sarwari says

      ( or try ( please do not copy paste the password type it by yourself

  17. miki says

    i am sharch the crack no than did not get numbers

    1. Sarwari says

      Dear Miki uninstall the software and disable or off your Wi-Fi than install it again run the keymaker NOTE: Please do not close the keymaker once you run it until the installation process not completed. Because when you close the keymaker you lost the activation key..

  18. Akins says

    Is there a way to download this on MAC?

  19. Roger says

    i am on a mac and i am having a hard time extracting the setup file, The unarchiver doesn’t work. Any recommendation on a software to unarchive?

    1. Sarwari says

      Dear Roger this software is not for Mac OS users its just for Microsoft Windows

  20. Berna says

    Do you have something like this for photoshop?

  21. Peter says

    The Set-up file is missing. Please help.
    When I go to the Setup folder it only shows the packages and payloads folders.

    1. Sarwari says

      Dear Peter, before you going to extract the files first turn of your antivirus or firewall than extract it..

  22. niranjan says

    when i extract here that file that was asking password what can i do

    1. Sarwari says

      type: ( this is the password

  23. Ryan says

    Do you have a seperate download for the key gen? i wanna get photoshop

    1. Sarwari says

      i will provide this one also as soon as possible

  24. Deskin says

    Hi, I turn off my firewall and antivirus but when I extract it I still can’t get the setup file, it shows two errors

    1. Sarwari says

      please delete all the files and turn off your firewall before downloading than extract

  25. Akshyat says

    Please help me. When I try to extract (already entered password) it gives me error in winrar (more than 110 saying file is corrupt). What shall I do?

    1. Sarwari says

      please do not copy paste the password type it by yourself and turn off your firewall or antivirus before extracting the files.

      1. Akshyat says

        Oh yeah….i had copied pasted it. Now it works. Thank you so much….☺😊😊 you are great

        1. Sarwari says

          No worries please recommend our website to your friends.

  26. prakash kumar says

    Thanx bro it’s working🙏

  27. Akshyat says

    I have a request. Can write the way to get .com for free if you find it out. Its bothering me alot. That would be the biggest help for me from internet.☺☺😊

  28. Rian says

    Hi, I did all the steps listed and I was able to successfully activate offline. I also executed disable_activation.cmd. But when I launch Premiere Pro while connected to the internet, my serial had been revoked. I tried to block it also from Firewall but it did not work, too. Please help. Thank you so much!

    1. Sarwari says

      Please uninstall it fully remove every thing that adobe premiere have installed in your PC than turn of your WI-FI or disable your internet than install it again just like that which i mention in the article.

  29. Suneth says

    Hi, While extracting some errors has occurred and after the extracting there is no setup file shows. How can solve this?

    1. Sarwari says

      please extract them again do not copy paste the password type it by yourself. first turn off your antivirus or internet.

  30. chaitanya says

    IN the step 9, instead of showing ‘having trouble with internet connection’, It is asking me ‘sign in or sign in later’……i cannot able to proceed after this step…please help me

    1. Sarwari says

      Start it from the beginning the follow step by step carefully

  31. sandra says

    hello please they keep telling me invalid request code when i try generating the code.

    1. Sarwari says

      You have lost the activation process please uninstall the software start from beginning. When you run the patch please do not close it until the installation not complete when you close the patch you’ll lose the activation process

  32. Filip says

    Hello, download from your link is very slow. If I download a file from a different website it goes a lot faster (37kB/s|2MB/s) do you have an idea why or how to speed it up?

  33. Dee says

    Hi, I can’t seem to find any files after extracting. My winrar kept posting error: file corrupted or wrong password. I have turned off my wifi and my anti-virus. Nothing seems to work. Can you please help?

    1. Sarwari says

      Download the file than type: ( ) please do not copy paste the password just type it by yourself

  34. arun mannur says

    i need zip password pls sri

    1. Sarwari says

      Download the file than type: ( ) please do not copy paste the password just type it by yourself

  35. GD says

    Hi sir. I tried turning off the antivirus and firewall but the keygen folder wouldn’t show up after I extract them. Is there a separate download for the keygen only?

    1. Sarwari says

      Dear GD, First turn off your antivirus and internet than extract the file again you will get the activator in the install folder

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