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Best Video Downloader for Youtube, Facebook, Dailymotion.. for Android


You might have installed many video downloader or Youtube downloader that doesn’t work properly. Don’t worry, because I have too. Hence, I am going to introduce one and the best video downloader that I myself use for all my video downloads. The name of the app is Snaptube. It downloads videos from all over the web, you only need to go the website through this app.

If you are interested to download and use this app you have to first download another app from google, as you will not find it in your App Store. That app is Aptoide.

Video Downloader - lifestan
aptoide “App Store”

Download and install Aptoide – Video Downloader

  1. Google “Aptoide”
  2. Click on Top search
  3. Click on “Install Aptoide”
  4. A warning window will pop up, click “OK”
  5. Enable Unknown Sources
  6. Install Aptoide
video downloader
Youtube Downloader – Aptoide – lifestan
Video Downloader - lifestan
Facebook Downloader


Video Downloader - lifestan
Install aptoide – lifestan

Or if you don’t want to go through all those procedures, CLICK HERE and install directly from here.

After you have downloaded “Aptoide”, Launch it.


Download and install Snaptube – Video Downloader

In the aptoide App Store, follow these steps to install Snaptube.

  1. Launch Aptoide
  2. Search “Snaptube”
  3. Click on the “Youtube Video Downloader”
Video Downloader - Lifestan
Download Snaptube

Note: You are seeing “Youtube Video Downloader” on top, Install it. Don’t install the second one “Snaptube Downloader.”


If you don’t want to go through those steps, just CLICK HERE, and install Snaptube.

How to Download Video with Snaptube – Video Downloader

After installing, Launch the Application, then follow the steps.

  1. You can see many websites on the home page. Choose whichever you need to download from.

2. I go to Youtube. I will download a Video from you tube.

Video Downloader - lifestan
Download Videos from Youtube, Facebook, Dailymotion, Vimeo..

3. Click on the red Download sign and you will have different options for download.

4. You can choose from the different qualities you would like to save. It gives you the permission to download all the available qualities. Most importantly, you can choose whether you want to download the MP3 or Video format.

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Congrats, Now you have your own best video downloader. Download as much video as you want, and choose the best or your required quality of video you want. Feel free to ask any Question if you faced any problem.

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