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The world is divided into two types of people. One kind flies in the perpetual pleasure of reading while the other floats in the ocean deep serenity of watching. Bibliophiles tend to dwell in a foreign world fabricated by the author for them to seek refuge in. The fictitious world concedes further contrivances on the part of reader who has unrelenting liberty to broaden the horizons of his imagination. The same book might be depicted in manifold ways by various readers. Movies on the other hand are already a portrayal of one person’s illustration of the story. Movie watching does not require any use of creative skills.


Reading books culture
Reading books culture

Reading a book entails actively participating in the story at hand and living the characters’ lives. All avid readers can relate to feeling the characters’ emotions while reading a book. They are bewitched by fiction and weave themselves into the story to the extent of experiencing the situation mentally and making the characters their own family. Nearing the end of book incites nostalgic feelings in the reader who experiences multifarious emotions from sorrow to yearning to grief as the right side of parted book gets thinner. However, the story does not end as he turns the last page. It stays with him for eternity to come. It gets incorporated in his personality and becomes a part of his identity.

Books embody excessive details which might be captivating to some people while vexing to others. However, this detailing is the essence of books as exceeding explanation is their indispensable component.


Movies Watching Culture
Movies Watching Culture

On the other hand, watching a movie resembles being an audience to someone else’s story more like a passive observer. The watcher is able to empathize with actors playing the roles and comprehend the story well but tends not to confront and endure the experiences per se. His journey with the characters ends as the credits roll and they part ways forever. However, watching a movie has its own perks as the watcher does not usually feel a sense of separation and loss as the movie inches closer to termination point.

Movies tend not to deviate from the point of focus. So they are better for impulsive people who are exasperated by trivial deflections.

However, both books and movies might be equally tempting to literary souls who choose either of them depending on their mood.

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