Rafay Baloch brilliant Pakistani hackers won $5,000 on Finding Bugs of browsers. he used omnibox address bars.

Hacker saved information of many users, for being used in hacking ATM Card, Accounts and Personal information. Further the hacker suggest the users to be careful from such kind of mischief.

He used his hacking skill to help millions and millions of users. who can be suffered due to such kind of people, who uses hacking to get rich and earn their livelihood. He deserve more than 5000$ as a prize. we wish him best of luck and good future ahead.

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Extreme vulnerability found in the pattern Chrome and Firefox render website addresses.

Rafay Baloch In a blog Explained, that the bug used to fool users into thinking that the website they are visiting is the real one. thereby users lead to reveal their sensitive information such as Account no, ID’s and passwords to hackers.

scammed user by using omnibox.


Phishing attacks are the way that hackers uses fake Page that looks like real one. Even though it has similar designs, login information and other activities.

Rafay stated that when a neutral right-to-left character (such as forward slash or any other special character) is used. it can flip a web address to display it in the right-to-left direction.The address bar spoofing in browsers works by employing a right-to-left language, like Urdu, Arabic or Persian, and render it differently by forcing the browser.


For example,ا/http://google.com would appear as a right to left as http://google.com/‭ا/

User visits the page that they are visiting google.com. However, in reality they are visiting the web page from the IP address Such links could be hidden in spam email, tweets or shortened links.

Most Browser Fixing this Bug



As Rafay Baloch, the upcoming versions of Chrome 53, Firefox 48 will fix this vulnerability and Few more browser will fix it.

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