Coke Studio Season 9 has came to an end…

Although, this season of coke studio was not as appealing as advertised. However, the Pakistani audience should’ve really felt that how our Music Industry sensibility has been lost in somewhere.

That was an era when all we used to listen to was our own Pakistani bands and albums. Pakistani music was standardised, complemented and were in demand on an international platform. Nevertheless, in the past half-decade, coke studio and Nescafe Basement type modules are again back-boning the Pakistani Music Industry, along with the introduction of new resilient artists.
Coke studio season 9 has given complementary chances to the new arising vocal bodies.

It announced multiple singers from a most well-known to the ‘least’. The use of ‘Least’ was very significant here because most of the artists this season were new and the audience arbitrated them as people-out-of-nowhere. Surprisingly, they were amazing self-established artists. They have been composing and publishing their original projects, through social media, public appearance and even through high-profile concerts which are attended by tremendously crowded audience. However, they are less-appreciated and somehow they are least known.
They include almost all of these brilliant new emerging talents including: Shuja Haider, Damia Farooq, Asim Azhar, Basit Ali, Ali Sethi, Momina Mustesan, Rizwan Butt, Mohsin A. Haider and all of the remaining new wonderful faces. It will worth just giving a nippy look through their personal biodatas, so we know to whom we are actually listening to rather than just sitting back on the couch and judging the nation’s potentials.
Coming to the end, the Finale can be distinguished amongst one of the best episodes. The sufiyana ‘Tu Kuja Mann Kuja’ and the tribute to Amjad Sabri along with the other compositions have contributed astonishingly for bringing this season to an end. The season 9 coke studio was simply ‘String Banded’ that could be certainly tasted.


    u have portrayed and summarised the entire coke studio 9 episodes in your very sweet attempt…
    keep it up BIBI HASHIMI…

    good job

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