Collateral Damage of War

War is just a 3 letter word. It’s astounding how such a small and trivial word just like the reason behind it, has the propensity to cost thousands of people their lives, millions of people their loved ones, and billions of people their serenity. If you’ve seen a war in your life, you’d know that theoretically there are only 2 possible outcomes. You survive or you die. Either way, there’s a part of you that eternally gives ground to fate. War causes a lot of irreversible collateral damage at expense of trivial causes.


Martyrs head to an elevator adorned with gallantry, tenacity, and abnegation which takes them straight to a celestial place that God has promised to last perpetually. But those who pull through are no less audacious in any potential way there is. They have to live with both overt and covert scars. Physical injuries heal with medication and time, but the scars on their minds and souls are irrecoverable. Out of obligation, they have to function normally and live up to social and moral norms of conduct while surly ghosts of past keep on haunting them. With blood of masses on their hands and shoulders heavy with burden of innocent lives buried by malice, they lay at night wide awake endeavoring to contemplate the reason behind these brutal events.


Agonizing reflections of their fellows’ lifeless bodies surrounded by the pool of their own blood repeatedly strike them. Despite suffering excessively, they pull themselves together and head back to fight whenever need calls for. They have indefatigable resolve, grandeur, and commitment to keep their homeland safe from intrusion. It serves as antidote to the poison inoculated by horrid events of past. It also helps them to lift their heads high and self-esteem even higher. While being aware of the peril hanging around, they solemnly choose their homeland over their lives and peace. Once they don that prestigious khaki uniform, no amount of anticipatory terror is enough to jar their intrepidity.


However, uniform clad people are not the only brave soldiers. The families of these fearless saviors fight as hard if not harder without setting foot in the war zone. Behind the veil of composed countenance, their souls are on the verge of collapse. The prospect of morbidity of loss diffusing in their lives incessantly strikes them with full force. Yet they keep on battling it with an air of graceful determination. When the phone finally rings with ever dreaded news, their whole world shatters into a trillion little pieces pushing them into irrevocable melancholy.

In spite of this blatantly cruel stroke of fate, they manage to look at the bright side which offers them the realization of eternal rewards coming their loved ones’ way on embracement of martyrdom.


What causes War? 

War is not only confined to governments and armed forces. Each and every soul of the countries involved is compelled to have its bitter taste. Hatred and jealousy have rendered war as an incumbent measure to sustain or restore a country’s pride. Ego of one nation forces it to attack the supposed enemy which leads to needless genocide. No reason can ever be just enough to allow mass killing of innocent people. Governments need to resolve disputes with mutual consent and grace rather than ugly savage ways of barbarism. Each loss of life owing to a war is imputed to gradual shrinkage of humanity in so-called humans.

God has blessed human beings with might of rationality and reason which fundamentally differentiates them from animals. But humans have kicked these gifts aside and chosen to adopt frenzied means of survival which have repeatedly proven to be detrimental for them as well as those in their surroundings.

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