How to find my lost cell phone

Last week I lost my mobile, I left it in my classroom and when I went back it wasn’t there. My fellows tries to call my cell but it was no use since my mobile was on silent.

Everyone was in panic but I remain calm Because I knew a way out to track my cell phone with just my email.

It happens a lot with people. We put our cell phone on silent and that’s a perfect opportunity for someone to steal it without you noticing.

So here I tell you my secret how you can track your phone even when your mobile is on silent.

Android device Manager

Google provide the “Android Device Manager”. An easy and simple app that gave an backdoor access to your mobile. It’s  given that majority of our mobile are of android . IOS user have another set back as they can’t use this app because it is exclusively for android users.( on the other hand IOS have find my iphone built in app).

Image result

How to install

So,  simply follow the following step to install “Device Manage”

1- Go to play store / App store

2- type “Device Manager” on it

3- install the app

4- give the app access to your gmail

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Now, you can find the location of your mobile by signing in with any device. If you press “ring my cell” your cell phone will ring at full volume even if it is on silent. Clever right so hope you can find your mobile easily. Even if you can’t you can press erase and all your cell phone data will be erase from your mobile. Thus, giving you a huge relief of not getting your important data in wrong hands.


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