How to make a good personality and impression

A good personality is basic need of everyone to Express themselves in a good way. As many people shows and expect you to be the same as you meet first tine. Even its job interview, first date, or chance meeting, you must impress and show your real face in a good manner. Because your first impression will remain for a long run.
More important tips, dont push down yourself. What suits you it doesn’t mean it suits everyone. So be confident about your inner feelings and qualities.


Learn Good Behavior of Others

Observe your environment, and those whom you interact daily. Learn their ability, such as speaking well, walking beautifully, and interacts with people in lovable manner. Learn from them as a role model.

Focus On your Innate qualities

Everyone individual in this universe is different, and ever single individual has something unique in their personality. If you focus on it, find what makes you different. the good qualities of your traits, focus on it. This good trait will make u able to be the best and unique person. Your own Trait will make u appear in the eyes of other long lasting.

Understand Need and Feelings of other people

If you want to impress someone, before you must know their requirement and expectation. Even you dont know personally someone, but u know for what purpose you are going to face someone. Example: If you have interview for job, its obvious according to the nature of JOB. May be Punctuality, Professionalism, Experience and confidence.

 Dont Impress someone with wrong indication

What is the purpose of making good impression? If you need  to be a good employ. You must focus on your ability and work, not to focus more on beauty and figure as compared to work requirement. If dealing with your boyfriend then work on your beauty, figure, real trait or personality.

Example: In office if you focus on your beauty then it will make negative impression. With boyfriend if u talk so much about the job and office it put impression that you are interested in office more. good personality

So careful and understand the nature of impression.

A businesswoman and businessman shaking hands in a hall.

Presenting Yourself Well

Dress that suits your environment

Follow the environment and the them. Dont be so Bold or get Sharp in an expected manner.
In party people focus on that who follows the theme and according to them dressed well. If some one wears Formal dress in “Rock Concert” it look awkward.
literally someone comes office with t-shirt or nighty  it ruins personality and impression.
always get to be normal and natural for long lasting impression. Say to other that she/he looks good if she looks so. This will decrease the feelings of competitors.

Take Enough Rest

Get enough sleep its very essential part to impress and get fit in, and perform well.
At least, 5 to 6 hour rest is must for being healthy and active personality.

Give yourself a New Look

Active and energetic person always takes step to reform and tries to impress again and again. One of the factor is changing of the style and dressing. As New style comes and old fashion dress vanish. We also need changes to look good and attractive.


Exercise regularly

To stay strong and fit, daily 30 minutes exercise is must to live healthy and wealthy life.
It will keep you attractive and active.
Exercise relax from different problem fatigue, tiredness, stroke and depression.
Due to exercise you will be a good Listener, good Speaker and it induce the level of tolerance in you. This makes you more attractive and charming men/lady.

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A businesswoman and businessman shaking hands in a hall.
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