Aspirations of achieving highest levels of knowledge, alacrity to reach zenith of success, avidity to learn infinitely are the driving factors of motivation in newly admitted students in colleges and universities. With dreams in eyes and zeal in hearts, they carry innumerable hopes and expectations of their parents as they set foot in the esteemed institutes they worked so hard to enter. The last thing on their minds is being bullied by their seniors. However, senior consider it their utmost duty to bully the newly admitted students behind the veil of “Ragging”.

The Dilemma of Ragging

Ragging is a growing dilemma of a lot of universities and colleges. Students start it just for the fun of it but it gradually turns into a fight of their egos. They keep on harassing their juniors if they refuse to comply with their demands. Ragging includes both physical and psychological torture.

Adverse Effects of Ragging

A number of students who go through this conundrum, begin to feel anxious and depressed. They lose interest in their studies and tend to stay aloof and secluded. They withdraw socially and are unable to make any friends who might have been a saving hand for them. Their grades fall from the beginning of their semester which further lowers their self-esteem. They give up on their aspirations and dreams and they place for which they burned midnight oil to enter turns into a nightmare for them.

Ragging in Medical Colleges

It is astounding that a wide number of medical colleges have fallen prey to this predicament. Becoming a doctor is about healing rather than bullying and injuring be it mentally or physically. There have been a lot of cases about suicide due to ragging in medical colleges. Pushing someone to the edge to the extent they lose the battle of their life is beyond the farthest stretch of inhumanity. Students should be taught from primary school to abstain from bullying others and accepting them for who they are with due respect.

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