5 Natural Remedies for eyesight

5 Natural Remedies Improves Eyesight

Vision weakness which is becoming common health issue in different age, can be cured. Several hours of work on computer screen comes with no surprise. Lots of children are in different ages spend their time on watching TV programs.

You need to know something about eyes:

When you see an object, eyes concentrate on it and light enters your eyes through iris. This is the time when focused on cornea of the eye. Then it is sent to brain which understands what we are seeing. Both your body muscles and structures of eyes need this performance.

When you see your computer screen or mobile screen are working excessively to adjust the light that emitted from the screen.

Here is what you should do in order to improve your eyesight naturally.

  1. Stimulate muscles of your eyes


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This way is very simple but it should be done every morning. When you wake up, wash your face with cool or little cold water. Then, fill your mouth with water, close your eyes because of pressure exerted by water. By splashing cold water you can enliven the nerve endings.

  1. Wash your eyes after this

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Ayurvedicpractitioners believe that avoid splashing water straight into your eyes, instead you should use tridoishiceyewash. To make this eyewash, soak triphla churnain water at night time. In the morning after you wake up, this eyewash helps your feel relax without any stress in your eyes.

  1. Massage your eyes

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People who use computer in most of their timing hours will be a great exercise. Hold your eyebrows between your thumb and index finger. Later, slowly press your eyebrows all points. Then slowly again move your thumb round your eyeball. Do this healthy exercise it will help your eyes to bounce back from looking at a computer screen for many hours.

  1. Close your eyes

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It is very important to allow your body to be healed. It will give your eyes relief of bright lights and strain. When you sleep automatically it will repair itself. Experts believe that doing Yoga for ten minutes is beneficial not only for your eyes but also your body.

  1. Eat healthy fruits

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Dry fruit: Almonds raisins and figs are excellent home remedy. Soak round about six to ten almonds, fifteen raisins and two figs overnight in some quantity of water. In the morning, eat them on an empty stomach. It is rich of fiber and vitamins and will resolve eye related issues.

Carrot: Juice of carrot on empty stomach will solve your eye problems.  It is full of vitamin A and it is store houses of antioxidants that will help beat the ill effects of oxidative stress.  You are also preferred to use vitamin A foods like, carrots, green leafy vegetables, oranges.

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