8 most essential health tips for women

8 Essential Health Tips For Women

  1. Kill the stress
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Don’t think too much

The biggest problem I observe is that many women have too much on their plates and would like to juggle. Stress might have bigger health consequences by higher risks of depression, heath disease and anxiety. Find anything that reduces your stress like, meditation or yoga.

2. No dieting

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Stop Dieting

Eating lots of healthy food does not mean to sacrifice your favorite piece of chocolate. They key is balance and control over your food. Get mix of trim proteins, healthy fatty food and fiber.

3. Calcium

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Get more calcium

More than adequate calcium can bring up the risk of kidney stones and may also increase risk of heart diseases so suppose you are 50, shoot for 1,000 mg/day, while over-50 women should be having 12,00 mg/day through diet. It means about three serving of calcium-rich things such milk and almonds.

4. Cardio

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Do workout daily

In order to fight against cancer, diabetes and heath disease, women should do cardio or exercise at least five times or six times a week. It brings up good self-image which is very beneficial to woman’s health.

5. Think of fertility

fertility | Lifestan
Fertility problem

Many women have fewer problems at late 30s by getting pregnant; the fertility might decrease as early 32. Thus, if you would like to have kids, talk to your doctor like about freezing your eggs.

6. Birth control

Birth Control | Lifestan
Birth Control

By having birth control it can decline the chances of uterine and ovarian cancer in addition to regulate your cycle.

7. See the doctor every year

female doctor | Lifestan
Visit Your Doctor Every Year

Check for sure the Pap test for cervical cancer every 3 years if you age is 22 or older than. The ages of 30-66, women can get Pap test and HPV tests after each 5-year. Older than that you should stop testing if the doctors says you in low chances.

8. Sleep more

sleep - sleeping beauty | Lifestan
Sleep more

It can put your in great chance of heart disease or psychological disease if you have troubles getting out of bed or having some troubles focusing that you don’t have enough.

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