Trust me on this, smoking is not cool. It’s beyond my reasoning ability to comprehend the cause of lucidly poisoning yourself while being thoroughly aware of the detrimental consequences that will inevitably make you fall face first in the race of life. If you are that avid to quit your life, why would you choose the way of gradual dilapidation over quick termination. Why put off to future what can be done right away? We are eventually going to die anyway so why do we bother to squander ridiculously monumental amount of time on education, eating, shopping, adventuring, resting, and living. Well, we are boneheaded enough to do that but smokers are cognizant of the true value of time so they tend not to waste any and smoke day and night until their poor lungs give up.


Firstly, most of the guys commence smoking under the influence of peer pressure. They lack the courage to boldly refuse being victim of this sordid peril. Once they begin, there’s no going back. Gradually, smoking becomes more of a need than merely a leisure activity. Hence, they turn into chain-smokers before they know it. Therefore, at this level, they lack the ability to withdraw from this void of addiction.

Secondly, some people seek refuge in smoking to evade the bombardment of negative emotions due to some psychological or social dilemma. They take to smoking cigarettes in order to mitigate their stress which ultimately becomes their only way to overcome their predicaments. Hence, this constant smoking drives them into eternal murk called addiction.

Thirdly, defiance may be one of the factors prompting excessive smoking in youngsters. Familial conflicts lower their self-esteem and instigate the need to defy their family’s expectations through means of self-mutilating behaviors. What begins as an act of rebellion, turn soon into a horrendous monster named addiction.


Here are a few of the effects that smoking has on your body.

  1. Autoimmune diseases. Smoking curtails the strength of autoimmune system which fails to protect body from various infections.
  2. Weak bones. Smoking is a huge risk factor of osteoporosis_ a condition in which bones lose their strength and the likelihood of their fracture increases.
  3. Respiratory diseases. Asthma, tuberculosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease etc. have a huge chance of showing up in your reports a few years from now.
  4. Poor vision. Macular degeneration, cataract, and optic nerve damage etc. may develop as a result of excessive smoking.
  5. Cancer of several types with lung cancer being most prevalent among smokers.
  6. Cardiovascular diseases. Coronary heart disease, hypertension, myocardial infarction, peripheral arterial disease etc. may become your companions on your way to your grave.


Here are some of the characteristic physical features quite prominent in smokers.

  1. Overt feature being nicotine-stained teeth and fingers while covert being doom-stained life.
  2. Smoker’s cough.
  3. Blood-shot eyes.
  4. Changes in appetite and sleep.
  5. Dilapidation of physical appearance.

Some characteristic behavioral features of smokers are

  1. Suspicious behaviors.
  2. Sudden change in hobbies.
  3. Defiance
  4. Frequent involvement in troubles.

Some of the psychological features to identify a smoker are:

  1. Mood swings.
  2. Hyperactivity and unusual agitation.
  3. Significant reduction in motivation.


Hence, medical and professional psychological help must be sought in case of addiction because it is not something to look over and ignore. It is a quagmire that engulfs not just the smoker but his entire family into eternal doom. Government should take stringent measures to ban this curse.

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