How to free call with iPhone or iPad!

Can you call anyone without credit card on mobile networks just using your iPhone or iPad or any other apple devices? When someone ask this question from you, maybe you just think which kind of crazy question is it?

But hold on. Now you can free call with iPhone or iPad anyone on any network or any country without credit card just using your apple device.

1. Go on your App Store & download TextMe App.

Download TextMe
Download TextMe

2. Connect with Google or Facebook but I will go with Google.

Connect with Google or Facebook
Connect with Google or Facebook

3. Type your Gmail ID & password then click Sign in after that click on Allow.

Sign in google - Allow Google - lifestan

4. Allow to access your contact it’s your wish if you want see your contacts in this App.

Allow access / Not now
Allow access / Not now

5. Now click on dial-pad and select which country do want to call and type the number then click on dial button.

Dial-pad - Lifestan Select country -

Watch on YouTube.

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