Best Mobile Apps to improve your thinking abilities

Scholars Thoughts About Brain Testing Games

As we get older, memory loss is often the major issue but Sherry Willis, PhD says as early as our 20s and 30s we see drop offs in our brain speed, our ability to some quick stimuli gets slower day by day. Glenn Smith, PhD, a neuron psychologist at the Mayo Clinic and a member of the APA Committee on Aging says using consistent brain games not only improves skill to the current game but also help in improving memory. While testing an adult of 65 years old smith observed the man free of dementia(short memory storage problem) as he was a player of brain testing games since last 8 months. Smith observed some improvement in general test of memory and attention even though those abilities weren’t in game so here are some best Brain Training Apps which will help you to improve thinking abilities.

1. Lumosity

This popular app is devided into sessions of three games tailored to your goals: memory, attention, problem solving, processing speed or flexibility of thinking. The games are played 2 against the clock and change every time. Developers say just one session a day can improve mental skills and users can track progress and compare performance with others.Lumosity - Lifestan

Lumosity the brain testing game, gives the trainee a quick menta*l /workout

Lumosity brain games give the trainee a quick mental workout. Lumosity’s online brain training targets special part of the brain which helps brain in its speed and processing unit. An independent studies show that Lumosity strengthen the brains function and improves short term memories which means it sharpens the mind Lumosity provide the best brain training apps.

Lumosity - Lifestan

Brain training has been so essential for the people who are suffering from dementia.(the term used for the loss of short memory. lumosity is brilliant brain testing game which just costs 15 Dollars a month and it has got 70 million members. Lumosity is a web page that features several different brain training games. Players are encouraged to create a profile that allows them to track their progress and play certain games that target mental flexibility, memory, problem solving, speed and concentrations.

Lumosity - Lifestan

Lumosity not only improves a person in its mental abilities but also to its academics and test taking ability where the members stay focused and complete a complex task quickly and effectively.

to be a member of lumosity you need to download the app or you can also sign up from your personal computers and further on start sharpening your mental ability, concentration with a fresh cool brain. To maintain healthy life you can need have consistent body workouts to keep your brain healthy and fresh.

2. Personal Zen

Personal Zen - Lifestan

This game is developed by Dr Dennis and researchers. Personal zen is based on two animated characters, one of which look calm and friendly while the other looks angry.the concept behind this game is to train your for the those times full of stress and anxiety personal zen help you solve all your problem with all your presence of mind and to be always positive and to put the habit being always positive

Personal Zen is a scientifically-validated app for reducing stress and anxiety. Based on 20 years of brain training and anxiety-reduction research, it effectively boosts stress resilience and decreases anxiety when used only a few minutes a day, a few days a week.

3. CogniFit


CogniFit - Lifestan

keeping a healthy brain is to maintain a healthy life now there is scientifically proven way to improve your cognitive skill with a short assessment with surely tell you where your strongest and your weakest point. The assessment is the first step of your training the Cognifit app guarantees your unique need cause every one is unique in there in own way.This recommended program takes not more than 1 hour a week so you can fit this to your schedule. CogniFit - Lifestan

  • CogniFit is a brain training game where you can maintain a healthy brain by a daily use of Cognifit For 10 to 20 minutes.
  • Powerful brain games that measure your cognitive function and cognitive skills. CogniFit is a brain training program that adapts to your specific needs.
  • Personalized brain games to stimulate cognitive functions and improve brain function.

Best Brain Training Apps

4. Brain Fitness Pro

Brain Fitness Pro - Lifestan
Brain Fitness Pro employs a series of memory training exercises to increase focus, memory and problem-solving skills. Developers say that intensive working memory training dramatically increases attention and general cognitive skills and that these benefits remain long term. This app is available for iOS

This app claims that it can increase not only your memory and mental stamina but also your score on any intelligence or standardized test. These exercises make participants recall things that are presented before to other things. For example, if you were shown a series of three numbers and were asked the second number, that would be 1-back. The recalling the first number would be 2-back, and so on. The study found a significant increase in fluid intelligence measures – basically the ability to solve novel problems – in people who trained with a dual n-back exercise.

5. Relief Link

Relief Link - Lifestan

This app is designed for suicide preventing,it is a best mood tracker which can help you come out of any kind stress and anxiety it contains some recorded music relaxation music and some relaxation exercises this app carries some mental health treatment facilities

We know that this brain training apps is never going to take the place of face to face treatment like psychologists but according to Dr Dennis people can add relief link as their stress relief activity and reduce their stress by different exercises like yoga that empowers one to improve to make positive changes which can led to health promotion tools.and this technology can sharpen the mind and calm the nerves. True mental health is also  beneficial for whole the human body“What’s most important is feeling you have meaning in life and social connections,” says Dr. Kaslow. “It doesn’t mean you have to be happy, but it does have to do with having purpose.” And there’s no app for that…yet..

Use these brain training apps and note the improvement in yourself.

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