Artificial Intelligence

       Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

In today’s world every is the discussion of Artificial Intelligence threat human (AI). And this field is developing day by day. This is amazing that in this short duration (AI) has develop in current rank. What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)? How many branches does it has? What is the task of each part/branches? In which this (AI) is involved?

Let’s have a short glance here.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?


It has many definitions, anyways simply we can say that, to transfer the characteristics of human brain in any machine to perform the human activities, this sort of study known as (AI). The way that a human brain can take decision, the same a machine should do the exact task. The way that a human brain can think, a machine should do as well. This was the definition of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

So let’s define the branches of (AI).

These are most familiar branches.

  1. Neural Network

The word Neural has been derived from Neuron. And Neuron are cells in human brain, which are billions in number. Therefore, to put the same characteristics in machine to perform the function.

  1. Expert system

Exactly the same when a human is talking to any human expert, and they are replying you back. Like, doctor, chemist, lawyer… the same you should ask question from machine, and the should not only give you the answer but as well as suggestions.

  1. NLP (Natural language processing)

These are of two types

  1. Written text processing
  2. Spoken text processing

Written text processing: You can take the example of “Translation” for written text processing. Like, you say any sentence in English and wants your computer to convert that in Spanish language, so your (AI) will get your written text and convert that into the desire language along the rules of the grammar. This is called language processing.

Spoken language processing: You can take the example of Ms. Office, XP, like Ms. Word has an option where you just say and computer will type that. This is called spoken language processing.


  1. Robotics

To make machines just like human, that should move and take decision. Some Robots are like this, that just fix specific programming and they will perform that specific task. And some Robot has the ability to not just perform the specific task but they are able to take decision too.

Artificial Intelligence is becoming a part of daily life

How you come to know whether you are dealing with an Artificial Intelligence threat human system or a human being on your bank’s customer service chat? In fact, you cannot. AI system already understand natural language to the extent, that they are able to reply to customer’s question.

AI also have other fine properties for customer. It can adapt to the behavior of the customer. It will learn the best way to serve from its human fellow and knows time that what sort of problems the customer has or had.

In addition to customer service, AI is already present in several other daily applications.


A vacant AI system cannot do anything

Artificial intelligence threat human

However, an AI system cannot do anything by itself, it needs to be taught first. First a basic principle is created for the AI, which means that the basic data needed for solving the problems is entered into it. Without a basic principle, an AI does not know anything and cannot do anything, neither can it operate outside its own area of experience. When feedback is provided to the machine, it will start to combine things and draw the correct conclusions. On that time the accurate answer will be found even for complex questions.

Why Artificial Intelligence are threat to humanity?

The rise of the machines could lead to humanity, it has been suggested, if it is not controlled properly.

The World Economic Forum’s (WEF) annual global risk study has declared that AI is one o the dangers that the world has faced this year.

The report has surveyed 750 experts, says that the eventual risk of AI could lead humans either becoming lifeless, or losing their position as the regnant species on the planet. The report fears that the machines (AI) having the potential to develop consciousness and they may not fall in love with humanity’s.

Many experts have declared the potential rise of Artificial Intelligence threat human can create a risk for humanity.

The report says that some serious experts fear that Artificial Intelligence threat human could lead one day an existential threat a Super-intelligence.

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