Best Business Phone Service Provider For Small & Mid Sized Businesses

Best Business Phone Service Provider, Telephone, Voice Mail, texts, emails, internet and many more are required if you are a small or medium size business owner. But the problem is which company is the best business phone service, providers. Well, that time you really need a business advisor, However, I may not be a business advisor but I have collected this information about Best Business Phone Service Provider from business sites. Since they had explained everything in too much detailed, I have shortened them and included their features.

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  • Nextiva VoIP Software
  • Jive Voice Software
  • Vonage Business Solutions
  • 8×8 Virtual Office Pro
  • Intermedia Cloud PBX

VoIP Phone Services Provider

Best Business Phone Service Provider
Best Business Phone Service Provider

1. Nextiva VoIP Software

Nextiva is certainly one of the Best Business Cloud Communication because it works with all types of companies. Whether you have a small business, an Enterprise, Educational or Governmental business you can contact them.  For small Business Nextiva’s Business VoIP solutions offer telephony services. This package includes VoIP phone systems, scalable PBX trunks, online faxing and hosted call centers.

Here are some features of Nextiva Business VoIP:

  • advanced call routing
  • caller ID
  • conference Phones
  •  mobile integration
  • Call Me Now
  • Custom Ringback
  • Push to Talk
  • Call Pick up
  • Call Parking

voip providers

In order to understand what they are and How to come across them, Download this PDF file and Read. When it comes to price, their packages are different for different business. also their packages are divided into 2 categories of pro and cons. That’s why you need to contact with them and get all the Info which you need.

2. Jive Voice Software

Jive Voice is another VoIP Service Providers for All kind of Business. Basically, it delivers a cloud-based unified communication solution to organizations. Basically their features are divided into 4 categories:

  • Basic Voice Features like: Auto-Attendants, Barge, Call Analytics, Call logs, Call monitoring, Call recording, Conference Bridge, dial plan editor, fax to email, extensions dialing, speed dial and more.
  • Call Management Features like: Auto Divert, Auto Reject, Call history, call hold, call reject, call transfers, caller id, E911, Find me/ follow me, call routing and more.
  • Call Center Features like: advanced ring strategies, agent login in/agent log out, customer queue hold message, customer queue hold music, escape from call queue, pre-call announcement and more.
  • Phone Services like: Cloud PBX, International calling, multisite compatible, number porting, toll-free numbers, local numbers, unlimited domestic usage. 

Pricing is based on the number of users, 1 to 100 users will cost $19.95 – $29.95, but for 100+ users contact the company.

3. Vonage Business Solutions

Vonage Business Solutions is a cloud-based communication solution for small and midsize business. However, Vonage has claimed that it can work with the Enterprise businesses too but according to different review on different sites, it is good for midsize business. However, it has also some features of which every communication Provider has. Since they offer a business phone system, that time it enabled businesses to connect their VoIP phone to an Internet Source in order to communicate using a text, speech, video conferencing or calling system.

Here are some of Vonage Features:

  • Hunt Groups/Ring All Phones
  • Call Center Features
  • Voicemail Transcription
  • IVR/Auto-Attendant
  • Extension Dialing
  • Dial-In Conferencing
  • Call Recording
  • Supports SIP Desk Phones
  • Unified Communications App
  • Mobile App Support
  • Number Porting

4. 8×8 Virtual Office Pro

Form our top 10 list for Best Business Phone Service Provider is 8×8 Virtual office pro. If you are a small business owner or midsize then it is a really good choice for you. Because it holds all the basic features for small and Midsize business. If you have visited its site you may be thinking I am wrong, because they have included in the enterprise business too. Well, I am not wrong because many people’s feedback, a good example is PCMAG. Now Please have a look at its features.

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8×8 Virtual Office Pro features:

  • Phone System like: Auto Attendant, Ring Groups, Number Porting, Music on Hold, Directory Assistance, Hosted PBX, Extension Dialing.
  • Collaboration Features like Instant Messaging, Conference Bridge, Virtual Office Call Recording, Online Meetings, Contacts Integration, Presence.
  • Mobility like: Virtual Office Mobile for iPhone, Virtual Office Mobile for Android, Softphone.
  • Easy Online Management like Online Administration, Virtual Office Online, Virtual Office Desktop.
  • Business Features like Unlimited Calling, 3-Way Calling, Business SMS, Call Forwarding, Conference Bridge, Caller ID, Caller ID Blocking, Call Waiting, Call Transfers and more.
  • Integrations like: eAgent Integration, Click2Pop, Netsuite Integration, Zendesk Integration, Web Dialer, Skype for Business Integration, Integration and more.

For All their features, what they are and How they work please visit this link. And if you are wondering about its prices, that’s not available, so you need to contact them on their site.

5. Intermedia Cloud PBX

Intermedia Cloud PBX is also known for Virtual PBX which provides phone services for their clients with cloud services. Moreover, it is more than Phone services provider, they offer a cloud hosting service which includes the hosted email, data archiving, web faxing, Manager Microsoft 365 and more. This service is good for small and midsized businesses, however, they have claimed they will provide the enterprise features for their users.

Key features of Cloud PBX:

  • 40+ Calling feature like All Page/Intercom, Automatic Answer Mode, Automatic Line Selection, Call Blocking, Call Forward, Call Park and Pickup, Call Recording (Automatic or Demand) and more.
  • Phone/computer integration CallScape like: See user availability and status indicators, Integrate with Microsoft Outlook, Control your phone with your computer, Integrate with your CRM system and more.
  • Mobility features like: Automatically forward desktop calls, voicemail-to-email, Find Me / Follow Me settings, Softphone Mobile App.
  • Smart800 Toll-Free Numbers
  • Conference Calling
  • Send and receive faxes without the fax machine.

Other Best Business Phone Service Provider

Out of 100+ companies, it is really hard to choose Best Business Phone Service Provider, but however, we collected this company names from different sites. So, while looking, once you have to consider them, at least it’s better to know then nothing. I hope you will like the Best Business Phone Service Provider.

VoIP Phone Services Provider

  1. FluentStream VoIP
  2. Mitel MiCloud Office
  3. RingCentral Office
  4. Fonality Hosted PBX
  5. Business Voice
  6. MegaPath
  7. Citrix Grasshopper
  8. Amp Telecom
  9. Dialpad
  10. NICE inContact Hosted Call Center
  11. ShoreTel Connect Cloud
  12. Simple Phone Co
  13. Microsoft Skype for Business Online
  14. Five9 Cloud Contact Center
  15. ReadyTalk Hosted Voice
  16. CorvisaOne
  17. ShoreTel
  18. ShoreTel Sky
  19. 3CX
  20. Aircall
  21. ContactWorld by NewVoiceMedia
  22. Sharpen
  23. MightyCall
  24. PIMS Dialer
  25. Business VoiceEdge
  26. Digium Switchvox
  27. Evolved Office IP Phone System
  28. Zoiper
  29. UniVoIP
  30. BroadVoice Cloud PBX
  31. SendHub
  32. Fonality
  33. Ooma Office
  34. Avaya IP Office
  35. XLite
  37. SafeSoft Cloud Contact Center
  38. Vodia PBX
  39. CloudCall
  40. AT&T UC Voice
  41. Cisco Business Edition 6000
  42. Dixie
  43. Zultys MX System
  44. ThinkingPhones
  45. Line2 Pro
  46. Phonebooth OnDemand
  47. Windstream Virtual PBX VoIP
  48. OnSIP Hosted VoIP
  49. MiVoice Business
  50. VirtualPBX

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