how to keep out of depression?

depression symptoms       Sometimes you may face a situation that will make you feel no one can chip you in. You may feel lonely and breakdown, even you may not be able to share with others.
In this kind of situation, no one can chip you in except your own self.
There are some steps that by applying them you can keep out of depression easily.

  •  The most important one is having an aim or goal in your life.

You have to put an aim for your life that through it you should look forward and struggle.

  •  Hang in with different kinds of situations.

    Being positive will help you get the positive result because universe will help you get the thoughts you are having in your mind.
    Positive thoughts will achieve positive result and negative thoughts will achieve negative result.
  • Try not to break out from hardships
    quote - hardship make or break peopleYou have to face them. Hardships will help you be strong, stay with full confidence and convince yourself that you can solve them easily. You have to insinuate yourself for being strong that nothing can enforce you to give up.
  • Think less and take action. 

quote - think less do more


Don’t waste your precious time on thinking a lot and sorrows, instead of having sorrows you have to move on for having a bright future and do whatever helps you achieve your aims for a bright future. What is the sign of depression?

  •  Don’t accept the failure.


Keep trying and do things over and over which help you to achieve your goals in order to get the positive result.



  •  Try to cheer up yourself  hanging out with nature.

major depression

Try to have confabulation with nature. Talking with nature will help you feel relax. Maybe you will think I am putting you down by saying these things but you will come to know the result after  applying


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