power of smile/ smile in a day

power of Smile.

Smile >yeh smile lifestan
Smile in  day Though apparently it seems easy but sometimes it will be too tough, like when you are furious or tense or when you are tired or when you get in front of someone whom you are enemy with or while you are ill or mentally tired.power of smile will help you to solve these all easily.

moreover Smiling helps you to be happy it inspires you in your life. It decreases depression and stress. furthermore Smile makes the mood better by releasing the endorphin and serotonin and body painkillers. in fact It strengthens the immune system of body.

things which are effective are the most powerful. moreover you can Live long by smiling.
and as result you may change your whole day with a simple smile.

I will never understand all the good that a simple smile can accomplish (mother Teresa).

Afterward researchers have found that smiles have a high power and help us cope with problems.


  1. Attraction.smile in a day lifestan
  2. You can change your world.
  3. Make your dreams come true by smiling.
  4. Live long by smiling frequently.
  5. What does a smile convey?
  6. Change your whole day with smiling.
  • Attraction 
    In fact if you have someone with a straight face compared to a person smiling, obviously smiling will attract you more because that person is more welcoming and less likely to reject someone. At the same time it really depends on the person’s appearance/ face too.
  • You can change your world.
    By smiling you can change your thoughts about circumstances. You may be able to face them and solve them easily. By smiling you will be shown as a strong person. the most powerful thing that the world shares is smile. Smile will cut through all barriers, it knows no age, gender, color or culture, Doesn’t matter where you are or in what language you are speaking smile will be understood easily. even so a smile has special powers. above all You can calm fear and  insecurity, hurt and anxiety not only in yourself, but in those that are experiencing those feelings. The next time someone is feeling sad, scared, nervous, whatever it may be, smile with them and see how this makes them feel!
    power of smile lifestan
  • You will make your dreams come true.
    In fact a smile will motivate you and it will increase your confidence through the hardships.
    So it will give you the power to move forward next it will increase your ability.
    Actually for making our dreams come true we have to inspire our life  so as a result smiling is the easiest way for inspiration. You it to your self to be the one who you wanted to be so you need to inspire your self by power of smile.
  • Live long by smiling frequently.
    From here  we all know that hardships and over thinking will increase depression and it’s the main reason that will make life difficult for us therefore  for having a long life with full joy and success we have to be motivate by something that could be able to change our mood.the most powerful thing that can change something is smile. Smile will decrease depression and will give peace of mind.power of smile lifestan power of smile
  • What does a smile convey?
    It conveys positivity to those who sees it.
    In the other side  power of a smile especially yours can heal a frozen heart .
    As a result smile makes you look successful healthy and happy.
  • Change your whole day by a simple smile.
    Smiling at the starting of day will help you for having a good day. As a consequence it will help you to have a good mood in whole day further more it will help you to be fresh.

smile in a day lifestan


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