Top 10 Bad Breath Reasons and Causes

Top 10 Bad Breath Reasons and Causes

If you feel that people around you are not staying with you for long or they are feeling awkward to be with you, then don’t panic. May be its because of your bad breath. Do you know why bad breath happens to you?
Let’s see the top 10 reasons that causes bad breath:

1: Crash diet

Crash diet is a method to lose weight very fast. It’s may be good for your waistline but you might not be able to say same about your breath. When you diet, your body fat starts to break and this process produce a chemical known as “Catton” produces and it creates bad smell in your esophagus. According to The National Marketing Institute, 25 million people say that they’ve tried Crash diet and they start facing bad breath in their mouth.

2: Mouth infection

If you have mouth infection or any disease related to your mouth and teeth. It’s danger bell for you because it produces germs in your mouth or teeth that causes bar breath.

3: Medicines

If you take sleeping pills or medicines for angina ache and chest pain and you’re feeling that its producing bad breath in your mouth, then contact to your doctor and change your medicine.

4: Unhealthy teeth

Wrong brushing can cause bad breath because some food particles left within your tooth and it produces germs that can cause you bad breath and tooth ache.

5: Lungs infection

The lungs infections, cough, cold and esophagus infection could also affect your mouth breath.

6: Weak Digestive system

If you have weak digestive system, pillory bacterial infection or Gas disease in your stomach, it can cause bad breath in your mouth. So, try to keep your digestive system fast and strong by proper exercise and balanced food.

7: Foods

Sometimes, the use of foods like onion, ginger, cigarette and coffee etc. makes your mouth feeling unpleasant. So, brush your mouth after eating such foods.

8: Hilitophobia

If someone have Hilotophobia, in which he feels his own bad breath every time, where its real or not. Then he needs Cognitive Bhevral therapy. This therapy helps him to get out from this disorder.

9: Braces

Mostly tooth patients use braces to handle their teeth, it could create many problems for you. It will disturb you during eating meals and food particles will remain inside the braces that cause bad breaths. The patients who use braces should make solution to keep it clean internally.

10: Incomplete rest

Proper sleep is very essential for health. If you don’t have any specific schedule to sleep or you are so busy that you can’t fulfill your sleep. It’s not good for your mental body as well as physical body.  It can cause you bad breath, dullness, fatigue, head ache and many physical diseases. So, try to make proper schedule for your sleep.

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