Easy Techniques to Cure Sexual Dysfunction

Easy techniques to cure sexual dysfunction

Essential techniques that help you to get rid or easy techniques to cure Sexual Dysfunction. Its a curse for both partner, But it can only be solved with patients and love.

This are techniques that may help:

  • PE can be solved by practical support and help of loving partner. As Women’s point of view never pressurize or get ridicule, as all know it get frustration.
  • Only keep to solve this issue is to keep Patience. you can only meet your need in undemanding way. Anxiety deems the performance and increases in dysfunction.
  • Anxiety is a major factor. The sufferer needs to practice relaxation techniques in a purpose to get the point in a good way. Yoga, meditation Deep-breathing, and light exercise, balanced lifestyle, less stress, general fitness and a healthy diet can be good.
Sexual dysfunction is not problematic only for men but it also destroys both partner expectations. In many cases partner become divorced and many cases female partner make affairs with other man to satisfies her need. But this is not a long term solution when affairs not remain continued this leads to depression and guilt. With patience and love, it can be resolved.
  • More Sex – this decrease over-excitement.
  • Do Sex without emotional involvement – this lowers the passion as well.
  • Different position – female on top helps- as she can not move a lot, this will trigger less.
  • Spontaneous sex – if doesn’t have time to think, it’s often more sustainable.
  • Positive attitude – anxiety about PE increase this problem.
  • Squeeze technique -To squeeze the tip of penis just at the moment of ejaculation. This will slow down for few moment.

Another similar technique is Stop and start after few seconds. When u feel its time to release then take it out for few seconds and starts again.

  • Masturbating before sex – Its odd but its works, it decrease the sensation or feelings for few time.

If you had done mistake before, don’t loose heart stop doing that again and do normal exercise and take good diets. Don’t take tension or anxiety share the problem with your partner and consult the doctor.

What is Sexual Dysfunction?

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