Boost your creativity

Creativity is our innate hidden ability to think about our self and surrounding in a unique and original way.  Turbulent time often lead to amazing innovations as it said “Necessity is the mother of invention”. Creativity is not about developing something new but to discover something new in ourselves and surroundings in a unique way of your own. Our creativity helps us in many ways as we go about in our daily routines for example to overcome many challenges, problems and bring forth new experiences and excitement in our reality. For instance every time we successfully break through these obstacles we grow and expand our awareness about ourselves and the world around us.


However it’s hard to measure our creative ability as it manifest in many unexpected and surprising ways. Now, the problem arises how can you be creative to you fullest, creativity start from pre-school when a child paint the sky pink and the water green, often our parents and teachers discourages our creativity and make us robotic according to set society norm.
“It’s never too late to start over. If you weren’t happy with yesterday, try something different today. Don’t stay stuck. Do better.”Image result
Here are some ways you can reboot your lost hidden creativity and shine your imagination.

Think out of the box

13Often we are asked to “think outside the box”, but rarely do we are told how exactly to do so? To think out of the box starts long before you’re “boxed in” that is well. Before you learn to deal with a situation in your comfort zone that can be said as you “box” in. Which you think how to deal a situation without pushing yourself.

It requires great effort and courage to step outside your comfort zone.Try something new, although it may rewarded after. So to think outside the box first start pushing yourself inside the box and then gradually go outside.

Start writing

Image result

Your creativity starts and dies at the starting point. Just write down your ideas and innovative imaginations and get yourself done with it. Don’t wait for right time or circumstances. Although, at first the end result might not be according to your desired wishes but this is normal absolutely okay like when there are several rough sketches of a drawing before it get into a master piece. Similarly, you should keep working hard until you result finally matches to your mental image.
To be creative make you vulnerable. You must ignore the scoffers and express your creativity. People always find something new or something different from set norm unacceptable and this will make you open to scrutiny and judgment. However, you must not let them push yourself down and be open to suggestion. Use their negativity as your motivation and improve yourself. Remember that “History doesn’t remember reviews but remember the innovation, imagination and creativity”.

Entertain your every novel thought

Image result

It is a very common phenomenon that some people get afraid of their new thoughts and think of themselves as abnormal of thinking something different.
“It is the mark of an educated mind
to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”

You should entertain each and every novel thought and brainstorm on it without censoring it.
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  1. Zulfiqar says

    Very interesting and motivating article.. keeep it up

    1. Rabbia Ashraf says

      Thank you very much for your consideration

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