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Today’s children are born and grow up surrounded by new technologies. The digital revolution has changed the moment and the way in which children access information and communication on digital platforms. In almost all houses there is a computer, a smartphone, a tablet or a video game console.

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And, practically we do not have to teach them to use them; they handle new technologies by imitation and in a much more natural way.

7 tips on new technologies and children

This ease of access that children have to new technologies makes us ask ourselves many questions: when it is convenient to introduce them into the child’s life, for how long, how to make an appropriate use of them, what can be positive and what dangers they have etc. To help you get these answers, we here bring you experts’ opinion. Have a look!

Android Parental Control App

  1. The new technologies are a good instrument, but they must be put to good use. This means that the excess in its use is harmful to the child. In any case, there is no specific age to introduce them into the child’s life but there are concrete guidelines on how to do it.
  2. According to technology experts, parents have to know that there is a time to use phones or tablets but also to talk, to play, to study, to listen to music or to read.
  3. It is convenient that parents know these technologies and know how to manage them to teach their children in turn to do it positively and in the process explain the danger they can find in them.

Not all Internet content is suitable for children. ‘You have to make proper use of time and age, because what is appropriate for a child of 14 is not appropriate for a child of 7. There

  1. are things that are not right for a child under age,’ say experts. Hence, it is the duty of parents to put restrictions keeping in view their kids’ age and maturity level.
  2. The new technologies do have a positive side, and that is that they can be an exceptional learning tool for children, since we can have a high level of information in real time. In addition, there are more and more activities for children with autism, ADHD or any other disorder that use this technology to help them.
  3. The worst of them are the risks they entail, that are related to the misuse of technologies. Children are exposed to dangers such as cyberbullying, grooming or sexting. Knowledge of this type of harassment on their part will help them to be more protected and be more cautious.
  4. A child can become obsessed with new technologies. It can be said that he is addicted when, when asked to stop using the telephone, tablet or computer, the child feels bad and feels the need to use them again. It is when we can say that it has a dependency.

One Last Word:

Last but not the least; parents should make use of digital tools such as Android parental control apps  such as FamilyTime to supervise the use of new technologies among kids.

The tool has proved to be extremely beneficial. So, get the app now along with using above-given tips.

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