Causes and types of sexual dysfunction

Researchers takes a look at some of the Reasons of sexual dysfunction in men and come techniques to overcome sexual dysfunction.

We must know sex is a natural activity and phenomena..It should be done perfectly. But males face problem sometimes that create anxiety and depression. This anxiety is not just for male but also for his partner. It’s a myth that male can do sex and turn on at any time and can do sex successfully. No matter who he is with or where he is. But its not the truth  male or female, Both can face bad days when libido is down.

Obviously They both have different in sex experience, Male Organism is Overt it dose not mean it can turn on anytime. Other then this, Men have extra pressure to perform better and better.

Erectile function or impotence, and premature ejaculation, commonly known as PE usually takes the form of dysfunction. Less common is Loss of libido and lack of orgasm.


Impotence can occur in any age. When occasionaly occurred, it is not of importance. But when chronic or severe, must concert with professional.

Three main condition

physical, emotional and hormonal


Hormonal problem can also lead to dysfunctional but this factor easy to detect and fix.

Another possible factor is known as ‘distraction.’ This happens when man indulged in any tension or fear due to that his mind is not ready to secret hormone or ready for sex. Although we must know mind is the major system to control all the activity.


In Physical condition this include:

Medical conditions, drug abuse, stress, fatigue, medication, physical injuries, heart conditions and ageing.
Well Known  fact that alcohol weaken the sexual power. So stay away.


Emotional is the impotent factor in sex and relationships this Emotions can cause sexual dysfunction such as fear of rejection; poor performance and technique; and anxiety. These can be addressed by a psychologist or sex  therapist.


One of the most common among men is premature ejaculation. It stems from puberty, when child starts masturbation in early puberty this leads to premature ejaculation.
75% of men suffers from this evil with a fear of being caught during sex.

When man get married, his problem of reaching climax too quickly is already entrenched. Its the need of both partner to become relax as man no let female partner to relax then it wont satisfied female partner. It’s not the same as sustained intercourse which promotes intimacy and mutual pleasure.

As always, Its good to solve the problem at the beginning. In this case consult a doctor, simply to get rid of this physical causes. PE is less likely to be caused by psychological problems and when both causes then it become horrible.

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