Causes Leads Children To Drug abuse, suicide, and Isolation

Do you care for your kids? If yes, then why your kid is feeling alone? Why he is bored? Do you know that loneliness can leads your kids to commit suicide, drug abuse and poor decision-making ability?

It’s time to look after your kids and try to know why your child is isolated. There are many reasons that you would find there and help your kid to get out from negative thoughts develops due to isolation:

1: Burden of information

Just imagine your child is 22 years old, on the peak of zeal and fulfillment of their desire, but he feel loneliness or desperate. Different negative thought grasps his mind and to commit suicide. If you can’t imagine it now, start imagining it, because it’s going to happen in next 50 years and it will appear because of the burden of information.

If you see, Previous generations were always excited about whatever they see, but in last 50 years, the world’s ability to communicate and sharing of information is so fast and now everyone receives information on their phones in a second. it’s so heavy and unprecedented and the volume of information is so huge. Previous generations were not able to use this kind of advancement. It doesn’t matter this information are good or bad but today, when the kids reach on 13 to 15 years old, they start isolating themselves, they lose their craze because they know everything regarding to physical and mental experiences. They are watching everything on their phone’s screen.

By the time of 18, they experienced 4-5 love affairs and breakups. By the time they become 25, nothing will remain for him to see or to be excited. There will be nothing to live for or to be curious for. This cause depression and loneliness and even cause suicide.

2: The surrounding environment

There are many families that are too conservative regarding their kids. They don’t let their kids being social. These kids don’t know how to relate and communicate with other kids. They may be surrounded by many people but still he feels isolation, because these people don’t understand psyche and problems or they are not secret keepers.

3: Non-friendly gestures and postures

Parents are always using few sentences that demotivates and induce anger in children. E.g. few parents always say, “take out your book and start learning” and few says, “go and get asleep” or etc. It is human nature that if you repeat a sentence every time, it will create fed up behavior in your kid. So, always use nice words and smiley gestures and postures to your kids, so they could like you to listen.

4: Busy schedule of study

The research conducted on kids in schools shows that the learning kids are struggling more with their feelings than other kids. They spend plenty of time focusing on studies against their will, that cause internal depression in kids and it leads them toward unpleasant feelings and dullness/lethargy. This leads them towards absent minded.

These kids find it difficult to entertain themselves and they can’t enjoy for being lonely. They may not have friends who would spend their time with him or he himself would not want to spend his time with other kids. The reason behind isolation is the burden of studies, low self-esteem and communication barriers.

5: Job-holder parents

One of the most common reason behind the child isolation is job holder parents because they are busy with their jobs/business and office works. They are not giving proper time to their children. They keep nanny to take care of their children but they provide excessive amount of money to their children which makes it easy for children to involve in negative activities. During the adolescent period and adulthood period children needs more interaction with their pair and parents. Due to office burden parents just give excessive amount that leads child to make bad companion. Until parents become aware of the unexpected situation, it’s too late. Adolescence and adults needs interaction, care, love, motivation, satisfaction, support and confidante, not only money.

Parent’s guide

Parents should recognize that loneliness is symbol that something needs to change. Parents should understand that effects of loneliness on the kid’s life both physically and mentally. Make efforts to give friendly environment where your kid could enjoy and do what he like to do. Focus on developing relationships with kids who share similar attitudes, interests and values with you.

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