Child Labor

There are innumerable children in the world who are precluded from living their childhood. They are compelled to skip all the stairs of developmental levels and jump straight from infancy to adulthood. The financial crisis of their families leave them no option but to work in order to feed themselves. Inability to meet basic physiological needs steals from them their rights to innocence, naiveté, pampering, and education. As soon as they develop cognitive awareness, their shoulders are burdened with their responsibility to fend for themselves in order to make ends meet. Need for hunger and shelter outweighs everything else that they rightfully deserve but are abstained from owning due to having been born in a family that does not get to light up a stove for several consecutive days. This lack of fortune therefore prompts the curse of child labor to engulf them into murky void.

What is Child labor?

Majority describes child labor as work that prevents child from getting education. Child is exploited, deprived of his basic rights, and forced into work for a living.

Causes of Child labor



There are numerous reasons for this growing dilemma with poverty being atop the list. Inability to supply for family renders parents to force their children into earning at a tender age.


Moreover, those who are not born poor might end up empty handed even after getting educated. Inflation of population has curtailed available job opportunities. Ultimately poverty welcomes people with open arms, grips them tightly, and suffocates them with curses such as child labor.

Lack of Educational Opportunities


Furthermore, children belonging to financially unfortunate families are not welcomed in majority of schools whose aim is to take in as much fees as possible. Stagflation makes it difficult for families to feed and cover themselves let alone provide their kids with education. Education, which is a right of every child, is denied to poor children so they have to turn toward work in order to fend for themselves.

Therefore, blaming parents for making their children work is naïve. Government should provide people with education and employment. It is government’s responsibility to ensure eradication of this curse..

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