What Makes EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Perfect Option For Recovering Files From Hard Disk?

Most of the people have the misconception that the files cannot get lost from the hard disk because it is the main part of the computer. However, they do not know that it is a machine which can easily get damaged due to a single mistake. Recently, the cases of data loss from hard disk have increased. There are several reasons behind it and we have mentioned some of them.

  • The most common cause is the loss because of viral attack. Even with proper education people often click on the wrong link that causes a virus to enter their system. It will slowly take over all the files and within seconds the entire data will be lost. Assure that you do not click the links without assurance.
  • Most of the people have the habit of eating and drinking while they are working on their device. A single accident can cause your entire drink to spill on the laptop. It means that the liquid will reach the hard disk and you might not be able to use the device again.
  • Accidents can happen anytime. You might break your laptop because it has fallen from your balcony. In this situation, the hard disk will get damaged and you will not ab able to access your files
  • It has been noticed that some individuals accidentally format their hard disk. The result is, all their data is lost.

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Here are some of the interesting ways you can use to recover the data.

Free data recovery software using EaseUS

EaseUS is the best free data recovery software. It will allow you to have all your files back within few seconds. You have to launch the software on your device and select the files that you want to be recovered. The free data recovery software will run a scan. It will deep scan the files and you can stop the scanning process as soon as you see that your files are available. You can preview and select the files that you want. Select the option of recover and all the files will be available on your device. The software is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Use external hard disk

In this process, you will need the hard disk of another laptop. Take a compatible cable and connect your hard disk to another laptop. Select the option of My Computer and then access files that you want to recover. Copy paste the files into your new device.

Bootable disk

Most of the individuals use the Bootable disk. You have to take the Bootable USB or CD that you have to load with the version of window you are using. Booth your system and recover the files.

Final Word

The EaseUS data recovery software is the best option because it is compatible with all device. In external hard drive or bootable disc you will need the external devices otherwise you cannot recover the files. However, with free data recovery software you can recover the files anytime, anywhere you like.

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