Eid Reminders

Since the Eid-day is coming closer, everyone gets excited about it and prepares to plan events accordingly. We all do family gatherings, visit friends, teachers and go to festivals on eid.  Beginning with a brief overview on Eid norms, some, following, beforehand reminders seemed compulsory to be shared with everyone.

Eid Shopping in Bazar

When the last days of Ramadan are around, every Muslim community around the globe starts the up-coming Eid shopping. These shopping are mostly done after Iftar or late nights referred to as ‘Chand Raat’ (Moon-sighted night). On these nights, people prefer going out with families to buy the eid groceries; eid clothing items; females express interest in buying jewelleries and children tend to run around for colourful toys. These nights are very lively and joyful amongst Every Islamic communities.

Kids on Chand Raat

In Hazara communities of Quetta, shops are attended my male employees. However, female also actively participate in the eid festivals arranged on chand raat. They hang around some temporary tents and art Henna tattoos on requested hands. It is a very creative way of earning on chand raat.

Henna tattoo procession

Not forgetting Hazaras overseas, there are very less arrangements for eid beforehand. Here, in Australia, we don’t get to go to eid festivals on the night of eid etc., because there are no arrangements for it. However, there are some eid festivals on the days or weekends of eid which are actively joined and lively enjoyed.

Eid Festival Adelaide

Tomorrow is the last Friday of Ramadan so called, “Jumma-tul-Wida”.


This Friday has its own significance that people give away Sadqa and Niyaz (Nazar) and remember the soul of the deceased. But for those who consider this to be enough, here are some tips and suggestions to increase in the number of your virtues and be more productive member of your community.

  • Please spend on those who cannot afford

There are high number of children and widows in our society who are just waiting for someone to hold on to their hands and supply them with a small gift. Be the one. Help those you know or have seen are needy and unable to afford Eid clothing for their children or themselves.

Buy the needy new clothes

Buy them new clothes, or give them enough money so they can buy for their family. Buy eid groceries for them if you can manage.

There is a specific amount of money which everyone, who has been fasting throughout Ramadan, has to give out to the needy.


This money is called ‘Fitrah’. People who can afford more than the fixed amount of fitrah, should give out more to the poor. Be supportive for the people of your society.


  • Observe and help elderly people

The people of Hazara community are very self-dignified.  They work hard even they are really old. Some elders might be are working hard because their family still relies on them.

Help the elderly

If you see an old man working hard and you have the physical potential to help them than do not hesitate. There is nothing to be shy about when offering others your help. Similarly, if you see an elderly woman carrying heavy items, offer them your generosity. Be helpful. Be productive.

  • Remember the neighbours and the poor first
Niyaz (Food Distribution)

When distributing Niyaz or Nazar, try to give out to your neighbours and poor first than your relatives who are wealthy enough. This is very important because may be the poor didn’t have enough to celebrate eid with as many colourful food as you do. May be what you managed to give them was the only good food they had for the day.


These reminders are not to target any individual, but to spread love and happiness in the community which may result in a healthier society. Attempting these deeds, will not only earn an individual virtues but will also make them happy. It is a natural affection that when you help others or make others happy; you feel more happy than the person you helped.


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