Future Tech (5 Most exciting Future Tech)

Five Future Tech
1: Video Contact Lenses
2: 3D Printed Foods
3: Space Travel
4: Amazon Delivery Drones
5: Mercedes Benz Future Bus

1. Video Contact Lenses

smart lens - lifestan

Sony has filed a patent application for what seems to be world’s first smart eyes.
Tokyo based firm is in the process of creating contact lenses that record and playback video footage. Sony smart lenses will be able to understand commands using extended eye blinks as well as record footage with special technology that will remove all black frames from blinking the contacts will also be able to take photos and have zoom capabilities.

2. 3D Printed Foods

3d printing food - lifestan

Cooking will be gone very soon. Very soon we will be able to print our food, 3D printing has really taken off this decade was the first 3D printed bride placed in Madrid and Spain in February 2017. People have had the ability to 3D meals for couple of years. However 3D food printer are not yet available to the public this though at the moment 3D food printers are able to handle requests the dishes with just a few ingredients like pizzas and pastas. No more cooking when you have to get home, pop the printer on.

3. Space Travel

spaceship - space travel - lifestan

As you may know Virgin Galactic is testing the water with commercial space travel so far only 550 people have been to outer space, in a world filled of a population of around 7 billion that really isn’t many of us. As it is at the moment you need to be an astronaut to go to space but Virgin is working on the technology to safely transport civilians already 700 people have looked to fly when the time comes a seat by the way cost a quarter of a million dollars.
They are expecting their first flight imminently within a year or so. As the CEO of Virgin Galactic once said space is not only important for the future of transportation, but it is important for the future of imagination.

Future Tech

4. Amazon Delivery Drones

Amazon Delivery Drones - lifestan

These have already been tried and tested and a trained parcel delivery is on the cusp of commercial release in December 2016. Amazon prime air delivered a TV streaming stick and a bag of popcorn into a garden of a customer’s house in a Cambridge United Kingdom in a 13 minutes. Collective delivery turn around the fast pass we’ve delivered by drone

5. Mercedes Benz Future Bus

future bus - lifestan

Self driving bus has ability of recognizing pedestrian, bus stops, traffic signals and tunnels. It stops at bus stations, traffic signals. Future bus,stops when a person is crossing road in front of bus with giving signals to controller(driver) of bus. This smart machine stops without help of driver but driver can intervene anytime. You can charge your mobile phones wireless in future bus. Future bus has 10 cameras for helping city traffic. Future tech will change our world.

Artificial Intelligence 

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  1. Ahmad Ehsan says

    It was very interesting to me. I am amazed while reading about 3d food printers.
    Nice job dear Hameeda!

    1. Hameeda Ali says

      Thank you dear Ehsan 🙂

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