I have a boyfriend: while being a Ghost

I have a boyfriend

The main purpose is to just admire the beauty of Art and talent; ignoring the facts of where it is coming from. (Tip: Admire on an exaggerated scale if the talent is from Pakistan)

Kanan Gill, a stand-up comedian and a YouTuber from India has come up with an incredible idea on the tag-line-in-trend by girls used a lot (when the seat next to them is usually booked): “I have a boyfriend!”

He has published a music video covering a complete scenario of ‘What if you fall in love with a Ghost girl?’

Focusing on the publication time of the video, YouTube was banned in Pakistan at that time. Therefore, a lot of recent Pakistani YouTube users might not have come across this music from Kanan. Also, the video seems to have caught quite huge audience (however in 2 years time).

Kanan and his other well-known Comedian friends, especially Biswa Kalyan have quite changed the current phase of comedy and have introduced numerous forms of satires and puns which seems to be pretty noticeable in the world of social media.

Note: This post is not about any lengthy, boring lecture on how to be friends back again with Indian nationality holders and forget about the grudges and egos we Pakistanis have against them.


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