Think again before taking sleeping pills

Maybe it’s not insomnia!


According to Sleep Health Foundation, around 1 in 3 people suffer from insomnia or ever mild insomnia. Plus, I have been amongst them too. So in case you too find it hard to sleep at nights, give my advice a chance to help you. But may be what you are suffering from, is not insomnia and just an adoption of an unhealthy life!

What is Insomnia?

Insomnia, in a broader context, can have several meanings. According to my experience, Insomnia is a feeling of sleeplessness at nights but tiredness and laziness throughout the day. For example: yawning all the time, feeling tired right after waking up or (during the day) doing some kind of a hardworking job but when it is sleeping time, your sleepiness would just fade away in no where. These could be some of the very common examples normally, when people suffering from early insomnia.

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What causes Insomnia?

According to doctors (for me Dr. Chia), deficiency of Iron and vitamin D and C contribute at a higher level than any other reasons. So keeping your nutrient levels balanced, is very important in order to feel that heavy slumberness in your eyes before going to bed and fall asleep faster. In addition there are other strong reasons behind an early stage insomnia which can be solved easily with your focus on your health.


  • Lack of activities and Unhealthy diet

Yes! You read it right. Skipping healthy lifestyle and physical activities can literally make you suffer insomnia. We (being a Pakistani) have a lot of oily dishes for our daily consumption but hardly have any activities to burn away the fat taken in. In order to able to sleep faster and comfortably, feeling a heavy belly may- in a way- prevent our mind from falling asleep. This is because your body is not getting rid of enough calories, carbohydrates and fats consumed.


  • Lack of Exercise


Due to some reasons, recently, I have taken up exercising on regular basis. To be honest, I now find it hard to stay awake after 11PM at nights. Exercise makes you too tired and stretched out that resting becomes compulsory. Literally, you wouldn’t even be able to sit back and not feel sleepy.


  • Relying on medication?Imaginated-Friend - lifestan


How do you prefer to treat your insomnia in your life? Psychiatrist? Specialist? Pills?

Think again before visiting any doctor regarding your sleeplessness issue!

Going to doctors or on pills only harms your mental health and your pocket. Therefore, adapting your dull and unhealthy lifestyle into healthy could solve a lot of problem like Insomnia.

Personally I have suffered this disorder for years but then some of my good, healthy and recent habits have made me realise the non-serious reasons behind it.


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