New iOS 10.3 features

Usually there are not many changes in the updates in iOS but there more than 30 new features/changes in iOS 10.3 Beta 1. Mostly there are many minor changes such addition of tabs or some other extra useless changes. I am going to tell you about some of the big useful changes made in New iOS 10.3.

Option to Find your EarPods

Eardpod - Lifestan

You can find an addition of feature in (Find My iPhone ) Through which you can find your Bluetooth connected Earpods with-in a distance of almost 10 meters. The feature creates an ascending sound which is loud enough for you hear it and find it.


IPhone 7 - Lifestan

In settings, now you can find a feature in which all of your Apple ID information is shown and accessed easily by swiping the down the options.

Siri Feature

Siri - Lifestan

Siri used to perform many activities already and now it tells you all the information about Cricket scores, Cricket matches, Runs and Win points.

Pop ups: you fed up pop ups which ask you about the reviews and ratings? Well, Apple has made you a feature you going to love. Now you can get rid off of the pop ups by disabling the opt out option.
You can find it in Settings> iTunes app store> Opt Out Option> Disable.

Mail:  there are some minor changes in the mail layout including the changed back button and can show you how many unread messages you have. It’s a good and simple change.

Electric Car Charging Station: Now the car kit shows the Electric Car charging station. People with Electric Car may enjoy.

Restrictions: In restrictions, Now you can restrict several TV providers.

Storage: One reason you should upgrade is that storage in iOS 10.3 will literally increase with almost 5 GBs.

Bug: The bug in iOS 10.2.1 is still not debugged and we still have the message crush bug in new iOS 10.3 Beta 1. The other bug which makes your phone go to sleep is yet not debugged and switches your phone off. In addition, shutter bug is also not fixed.

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