Why You Should Skip the iPhone X

On it’s Tenth Anniversary on September 12, 2017, Apple introduced iPhone X. One of it’s most advanced and sophisticated device to date, iPhone X (X pronounced “ten”) with lots of new features. Within Apple’s line-up, the iPhone X is positioned as a high-end, premium model intended to showcase advanced technologies, such as wireless charging, OLED display, dual cameras with improved depth sensing, and a face recognition unlock system called Face ID.

When looking-up to Apple iPhone 10 the overall consensus I’m hearing from friends, iPhone X owners, tech experts and many of you is that there’s not really a great reason to buy an iPhone X. Here I will explain why you should skip this iPhone.

Old Features

Face ID.

iPhone X uses Face ID to unlock- Apple


Face ID being one of the most important new adds to iPhone X had been introduced to Androids Galaxy s4 in 2014 which failed to gain trust due to not being a secure way to lock your phone, as the folks at iDeviceHelp discovered. In a demo, which I first saw on The Verge, iDeviceHelp was able to fool the facial recognition feature with a photo.

In addition to Face ID Galaxy devices have fingerprint option but iPhone X has not. You might expect a new system to offer better security, and Apple’s website states that ‘Your face is your secure password’. That statement is misleading. I would say, no, Apple’s Face ID is not a ‘secure password’.

Not attractive

Avoid the dreaded notch – iPhone X


Every single landscape video you watch on an iPhone X will have a small chunk taken out of the side. Full-screen images will also have a dent in them, courtesy of the notch that contains the front-facing camera, speaker, microphone and a variety of other components. That alone might force us to go for iPhone 8

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Design and Display

Glass body.

Why You Should Skip the iPhone X
An iPhone entirely designed with glass. -Apple photo


Unlike Android devices iPhones have always had that premium metal back. In order to perform wireless charging Apple has designed the back of iPhone X entirely glass. What next?! The front and glass back does increase the chances of shattering to surfaces or cracking. You will be forced to pay $250 to AppleCare for back glass replacement.  If you do decide to add AppleCare to your $1000 purchase plus taxes and other service charges you would look closer at $1400.

Better Choice.

There are several better options out there for us. This phone seems less about functionality and more about a status symbol. If you’re in that kind of thing maybe still go ahead. I’m sure you will have a great experience.

If you are not willing to pay extra $300 for features that we saw in Androids three years ago maybe you want to pick up a different phone.

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