How to make someone Happy

How To Make Someone Happy 


The best feeling in life is that when someone is happy in their lives because of you.

Here is some easy way to make your friends, family, relatives or any stranger happy.

Let’s begin.

1: Behavior is the most important characteristic in any human being.  Which makes a person loveable.

Behave with everyone in a very good and kind manner. When you are with your friends behave with them in friendly manner, when with family or relatives treat them with respect. And with children behave very kindly and make them love. Because children pick practical things easily.

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2: Make times for your friends, family and relatives. Sit and talk with them.

3: When they need you, give them your much time. Try to be their best friend.

4: Help them honestly in their problems and difficulties. Be always there in their troubles.

5; Be honest in every condition with them.

6: When any stranger ask you anything, be friendly and help them with smile.

7: Make them laugh when your friends are sad and depress that they should feel free from each and everything and forget their sadness.

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8: Call them massage them for no reason. With this you can make someone happy.

9: Be proud of them and make them feel proud on themselves also.

10: Always give positive suggestion and appreciate in their jobs, works or any good things.

11: Always guide them and take them ahead in their lives.

12: Meet them without any reason or mean. Invite each other and spend time together.

13: Not to make them feel avoided in presence of anyone else.

14: Make them feel special always.

15: A saying is there that “Do respect Have respect”, always respect others that they should respect you in return. Respecting your opposite side make them happy and special.


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