Parenting Styles

Some parents often exempt children of their duties claiming they are just little kids incapable of performing tasks. Others burden their little ones with activities beyond their scope. These are the two extremes of parenting depicting negligence on part of parents. In addition to physical development, child’s cognitive, emotional, and moral development hold sheer importance. Adults tend to retain what is taught to them in childhood. So it is important that required attention is given to all aspects of a child’s development by his parents. There are four types of parenting styles according to developmental psychologists.

Types of Parenting Styles

Authoritarian Parenting

These parents set stringent rules for their children who are not allowed to deviate a bit from predetermined standards. They follow and compel their children to follow dogmatic beliefs with explaining reasons behind them. It children fail to accomplish the assigned task, they are punished by their parents so they can learn a lesson.



These kids tend to grow up with high level of self-discipline but low level of self-esteem, self-evaluation, and social competency.

Authoritative Parenting

These parents also set rules like aforementioned type of parents but they tend to be more flexible. They reason with their children and help them comprehend as to why they are made to do different activities. They allow their kids to ask questions and satisfy them with appropriate answers to enhance their cognitive abilities.


So, these kids tend to have high discipline as well as high self-esteem, self-evaluation, and social competency.

Indulgent Parenting

These parents put no restrictions or obligations on their children. They do not expect their children to perform on a certain level and have no rules for them as such. They love and nurture their children but do not discipline them.


Thus, these kids grow up to be undisciplined, self-centered, and insecure.

Neglectful Parenting

These parents do not take interest in their children’s activities and take no steps to regulate their behavior. They dismiss their children and do not expect anything from them. As opposed to indulgent parents, they provide no nurturance and warmth to their kids.


So, these kids grow up to become undisciplined and insecure. They are also at risk of criminal behavior and drug abuse.

Hence, it is parents’ responsibility to develop apt parenting skills in order to assure optimum cognitive, emotional, moral, and physical development of their kids who are going to grow up to become future of the world we reside in.

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