Peace of Mind

It’s not uncommon for uninvited thoughts to often show up unexpectedly and intrude the boundaries of your peace thus creating an inevitable unrest in your mind. Despite not being welcome, these thoughts aim to reside permanently in your mind which imposes a menace to its serenity. As soon as negative thoughts along with their army of negative vibes step inside the door of your mind, peace jumps out the window with the blatant intention of never returning. It takes a lot of energy and dedication to actively resist the entry of these thoughts which is a fundamental prerequisite for peace of mind.

What is peace of mind?

Peace of mind is a sense of existence free of fears, debilitating worries, and heart wrenching yearnings. To attain emotional and mental calm, you have to let all the uncontrolled thoughts out of your system. However, this is a task that is easier said than done. Some tips to successfully achieve serenity are mentioned in this article.

How to attain peace of mind?

First and foremost step is to realize that you are the master of your mind. In order to enter your mind, your thoughts have to seek your permission first. It is in your hands to grant allowance or denial. Only you are in charge of what goes around in your brain and if you will you can actively and assertively deny entry of any thought that generates upheaval in it.

Second step is to avidly make an unwavering decision of coming off with your goal. If you are dedicated, you can achieve anything and peace of mind is no exception.

Third step is to develop persistence in yourself. Perseverance is attained with difficulty but once you gain its ownership, you’ll have an official license to successfully guard your mind against intruders.

Fourth step is to relentlessly practice these techniques given below.

Techniques for achieving peace of mind

  1. Deep Breathing

Relax your body and be seated in a comfortable posture. Inhale through your nose and hold the breath for 3 seconds. Then exhale through your mouth. Repeat it 15 times. If you lose count, start from beginning. That helps improving your concentration.

  1. Meditation

You can take a meditative walk or practice conventional meditation style. You can find different types of mediation on YouTube. Select whichever you find suitable for yourself.


  1. Assertive Communication

You need to let your feelings out that have been mounting inside you and creating unnecessary suffocation. You can confide in a friend and share your worries with them. If you are not willing to involve another person, you can write your feelings out on a piece of paper and burn the paper later. Outlet of the debilitating anxieties is the strongest tool for attaining inner peace.

  1. Creativity

Everyone has a talent either hidden or known. If you are aware of your talent, now is the time to bring it to use. Cook, paint, dance, sculpt, write, sing, play musical instruments, or do whatever it is that you find interesting and are capable of doing. If you are unaware of your talents, start searching. Experience is the best mentor. Try different things and you’ll find something you’re good at.

  1. Solitude

Temporary seclusion from incessant turmoil of environment can help achieving calmness. Give some alone time to yourself and contemplate about your strengths and weaknesses. Spend some time to actually know yourself. However, too much solitude can be unhealthy and contact with other people is a necessity given human nature of socialization.

  1. Acceptance

Accept what happened to you in past and realize you are past that experience now. It was your inner strength that helped you survive that gruesome circumstance. Stay in present rather than residing in past or dwelling in future.


It might seem hard in beginning but once you develop a habit of practice you will eventually attain your goal. Don’t let your weaknesses get the better of you. Always use your strengths as weapons to fight them and gradually they will stop bothering you.
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