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Pokemon Go

Pokemon go was released on JULY 6,2016 which can be played on both IOS and Android wth the feature of single and multiplayer. Pokemon go cheats will help you go smooth and easy while using for the first time. A week after the release of Pokemon crowd people rushed over Pokemon go which disturbed the others gaming business.

1. Select Pikachu as your starter.

Pikachu Pokemon go | Lifestan
Select Pikachu as your starter

when you turn on or start up your Pokemon go game you will find that you need to select any one of the three options which are Charmander, Squirtle or Bulbasaur But if you aren’t willing with those choices, there’s actually a way of getting Pikachu as a starter instead.

  • If the player consistently skip the three starter Pokemon  so the 4th Pokemon automatically will be Pikachu
  • It is going to disturb you a little bit but for getting Pikachu its fine. you are supposed to walk in one direction and force them to spawn four times, Pikachu will finally appear as an option.

2. Place Pokemon to gym, get coins

pokemon go gym | Lifestan
Place your Pokemon to gain coins

For the new player or beginners it’s so difficult to survive with fewer coins here they need some Pokemon go cheats in order to keep themselves alive and consistent.

  • Beginners are suggested to be in control gyms. Once you reach to level five you will wish to take over a gym o an existing one that has been claimed for your Pokemon team.
  • Now chose your one Pokemon and place it into the gym and defend it.
  • Doing this you will have coin bonuses only you need to do is to check the shop every 21 hours. As long as you still have a Pokémon defending the gym, you will get 10 new PokeCoins. You can station Pokémon at up to 10 gyms, meaning you can really take advantage of this bonus to secure yourself 100 coins every day.
  • You can also purchase additional coins at the shop using the real-life money.

3. Throw effects, catching the Pokemon

pokeball - pokemon go | Lifestan
How to throw Poke Ball

For catching a new Pokemon it is so necessary to throw your Pokemon in a perfect way. In terms of ensuring the best likelihood of proper Pokemon catching.

  • When you are ready for catching a Pokemon, hold down your Pokeball, and the circle will begin to go round the wanted Pokemon in front of you.
  • The green color indicates that it’s easy to capture the wanted Pokemon. Orange means medium, and red means difficult.
  • You’ll notice that the circle will continuously get smaller. If you can manage to hit the center of the circle when it’s as tiny as possible, this decreases the likelihood of the Pokémon being able to escape, and it will also give you extra points. But of course, the tinier the hole is, the more difficult it will be to make the throw.
  • Don’t be afraid of throwing the ball in your own way of throwing poke balls.

4. Catch Everything, you have or not

real pokeball | Lifestan
Catch Everything

When you have got the species of a Pokemon, don’t hesitate to capture it.

  • When you capture duplicate Pokemon, you can bring these to Professor Willow and trade them for candy.
  • Try not give willow your those Pokemon you really need them, but give those Pokemon which is of no use.
  • Once you give you Pokemon to willow you can’t take that back.
  • This candy, of course, can be used to evolve Pokémon, so it’s quite a valuable resource to have. You also get some candy when you initially capture the Pokémon, so spending some time capturing Pokémon and trading them into Willow is a pretty nice way to rack up a lot of candy.

5. Can’t Move Around? Use Incense


pokemon go - incense - egg | Lifestan
Use Incense sit and play game

incense is used to get and attract location and now sitting anywhere you can play your Pokemon Go.

  • If you want to play the game at work, school, or in some situation where you can’t easily walk around, this is the solution, make use of incense.
  • A single use of Incense will last about 30 minutes and will bring five or six Pokémon to you.
  • Everyone starts the game with two Incense items, and you can purchase more after that with coins or with real money.
  • You probably shouldn’t use your Incense unless the game’s servers appear to be quite stable.

6. Revive Pokemon by evolving

Revive pokemon go | Lifestan
Revive your pokemon

Pokestops provide valuable items. As you continue to partake in gym battles across the map, you will likely see your Pokémon continuously lose health and need to be healed or revived. The main way to do this is by using a potion or revive item, which can be obtained by visiting Poké Stops.

it is better to evolve Pokemon in the state of wasting any item in this situation to alive back the pokemon, hit the ball, go to pokemon, select it, and hit evolve. Learn more about how to find Poké Stops. How t find poke stops and maps in gym of your area Click here to read more.

7. Save battery while playing

battery save - pokemon go | Lifestan
power saver option

Pokemon player will find that pokemon go is wasting their batter lifetime too fast.

Luckily there is a solution for this problem.

  • Hit the PokeBall at the top of the screen and click on settngs button in the right top. from there you will find an option” Battery Saver Mode” this option will help in your battery lifetime while playing this game.

Hit the PokeBall at the bottom of the screen and head over to the settings button in the top right. From there, simply select “battery saver mode.” Now, whenever you have your phone upside-down, i.e. in your pocket while you’re walking, the screen will dim and show only the Pokémon Go logo. This way, you’re saving battery by not having all the game’s graphics loaded at once, but you will still be notified when a Pokemon or Poke Stop is nearby.

8. Intelligent use of lucky eggs

Lucky Eggs - pokemon go | Lifestan
Lucky Eggs

When activated, Lucky Eggs give players double XP and make leveling up much easier.

If you want a double power and healthy pokemon and you also want to gain XP, Lucky Eggs are your best friend. Once you activate this item, you will get an XP boost over the course of the following 30 minutes.

you can make use of your Lucky Egg and an Incense item at the same time, or perhaps activating your Lucky Egg while near several Poke Stops and then activating a lure. Finally, waiting to evolve a Pokemon until you deploy a Lucky Egg will net players quite a bit of XP.

The game doesn’t really give you much of an explanation about what the heck the Lucky Eggs are, though, and so new players might accidentally waste them. You’ll want to use these strategically. After reaching level 9 you can additional eggs you can bye lucky eggs form the store.

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