Power Corrupts

It is a mortifying fact that humans in possession of power are incapable of abstaining from corruption. Time and again, people have spared no chance to prove the famous quote by Baron Acton “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”.  It is human nature to crave power and authority over others. They have a tendency to abuse every ounce of the power they possess to circumvent the predicaments they fall prey to. Moreover, greater the amount of authority in their hands, the more their appetite for dominion augments. Thus their power reservoirs have no bounds and lack a satiation point.


How it begins

People are not usually born with a congenital instinct to exercise dominance. As they grow up, they observe the desirable outcomes of powerful actions. So their need to exert control is reinforced by leaps and bounds over time. They begin by intending to positively channelize their dominance in altruistic ways. However, with the passage of time, addiction of power is nurtured and eventually strengthened beyond their withdrawal ability.

Morality and Power

Except for psychopaths and sociopaths, no one intentionally aims to compromise their morality. It abates without letting awareness of its absence kick in the individual’s mind. Person justifies his corruption by giving himself and others plethora of positive reasons for his actions. Moreover, even if realization of the negative consequences does sprout in his mind, he tends to turn a blind eye toward it. Therefore, he manages to rationalize all his aversive deeds in the wake of personal gains.


Every single person is corrupted by power be it president, prime minister, politician, manager, administrator, media person, actor, sports player, teacher, student, sweeper, or even a beggar. However, intensity of power abuse depends upon its quantity. Thus, it’s a simple and vivid formula. More the possession of power, more will be its abuse.

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