Psychopaths; who to condemn a view of my own

Psychopaths; who to condemn a view of my own

Even very title gave me chills and goose bumps, makes my heart break and my eyes dries. Why? Wait for the answer till the end of my blog.

A person suffering from chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behavior. A simple definition of psychopath, but does it truly the reality? Or is it again a world thing? What we think commonly are psychopaths are bad. They’re mad, crazy, they’re psychotic and maybe even schizophrenic. They’re evil simpletons and brutes who can’t behave or talk civilized, and they spend their lives surfing porn on the Internet.  Their bodies are covered all over with wired tattoos, and are petty criminals or serial killers.

We think of them as evil monster run loose. They were born with such traits and due to nurture and genetic they do evil deeds.maxresdefault (4)

As a matter of fact I disagree with this common point view. Not all the psychopaths are mass murders who just know how to kill and who to kill. You should know that everyone has the natural ability named as urges, basic urges to survive known as survival instinct, to save oneself a human become lower then a dog. Who does not just bark but has the ability to slash other person through and even to cook them as meal. So the basic distinction between a normal person and the psychopath is the matter of limit control over this instinct. So why is the reason a perfectly choose a path of deviances?

In my view no one born with the genes of becoming a psychopath or sociopath. No matter how much your parents are violent in their lives but violence is not a trait that dominated over the person personality. Unless a person let that trait to be shine and groomed.  People are born sweet and innocent, and are not automatically wired to commit crimes, or exhibit unacceptable behavior. It is Society and Undesirable Circumstances that create a sense of deviance inside them. Of course there can be some rare circumstances.

Psychopaths are not stupid, dumb, uneducated, low-class misfits and not in most cases not even any kind of mentally disable. They are highly intelligent people; their IQ’s are much higher than a normal person.  Some of them are quite handsome and have good careers, despite view most of them are good in social skill and use this all the more to their benefitUo0eAES and they all are easily blended in our society in a way that it is impossible to judge bad.  e.g. Ted Bundy he was apparently quite good-looking, which made him even more dangerous

They are geniuses too much to read into the situation that they misinterpret it. It’s not like they are irrational or insane of any kind. They have their own believe and their logic is not undeniable but it’s just that their logics are too inhumane. “All I have ever done in my life is to kill those whom I considered to be evil. I would have killed myself, too, after wiping out the human race. If God exists, then I curse him to hell for creating me and creating man.”_Neil (April, 16)

They have adopted their own personal version of morals and made themselves their own God. They with their own consistent set of values came to the stage from where they saw the world from the totally different angle. Hitler was a psychopath. He was not nuts. How could he exterminate 12 million people? It is well documented that his idea of the superior race had its origins in Darwin’s theory of evolution.

Hitler felt he was doing the world a favor by culling from humanity. Those he viewed as evolutionary misfits! Ever notice that Hitler never went to church? Hitler was not crazy or mentally ill but very rational for what he believed. The truth is, that if Darwin was right then nobody could really say that what Hitler did? Was any more wrong, then when men spray insecticide to kill millions of bugs in a crop. maxresdefault (2)Psychopaths may be the sanest consistent and logical people on earth. Most psychopaths start with animals and then they progresses to humans. As we know man is a social animal. So they consider the pain of the human same as the killing of an animal rather to them killing one or two life of human does not matter as they sees it as purification of the world.

Sometime to some the intense of cruelty and violence they have seen as compared to it. What they do is just a half of it, it’s not like every serial killer or psychopath are mass murderer. Funny but they had a moral code and professional style of their own just as any job. They have specific victims and sometime they perform the killing with a followed ritual like bathing them with rose water or treating them with fancy food and product.

They have their own individual pattern of killing which vary from killer to killer. From this point many of you might assume like I am saying what they are doing is not bad. Well its quite the opposite what my point is the things they do each and every killer has its own logic and reason for it. To me that reason is of prime importance, because that is the root cause of sociopaths and much other similar crime in our society.

Ted Burney claimed that he had no natural sense of how to develop friendships. “I didn’t know what made people want to be friends,” he said. “I didn’t know what underlay social interactions.” This is a very commonly seeing phenomenon most of the people felt very shy during their childhood. They don’t speak up or either they have an introvert personality. Society and people like us we started making fun of them. We stereotype them as cowards and scary cats. Form these bullies all type of infirmity complex rise and a desire to dominate and shut the calls of other arises.

So in short from the start that little fire of killing intent we put them in it and all what happen next is someone or something to just add fuel to this little fire and a killer of series of murder is born.

Every human got some basic rights and there are some basic needs which he deserves like food, clothing, shelter, safety and sexual relationship. Many of the culprits of psychopath don’t get these basic needs. Things which are automatically available to usmaxresdefault (5) to them it was never there.

So a greed and jealousy that built inside of them a sense of deprivation what they feel throughout their childhood by enacting such behaviors. The psychopath is also trying to “get back” at society and the world, in order to gain retribution. This must be take in consideration that same well settle, financial and status success full person are also found being sociopath that is because they are deprived of happiness they are haunted by loneliness. So indoor to find that peace of happiness with money they even bought human but in the end they can’t fill up the hole inside of them and ended up killing them.

Sexual relationship and intimacy is the most common seeing cause in making a person psychopath. It’s true that almost every sociopath before or after killing their victims. They are involve in prostitution with them but it is due to the fact that what psychology says their id impulses are not gratified during childhood. Also sometime their girlfriends make fun of them or other remarks them as sexually impaired that’s the main reason they take their victims out in secluded areas involve in prostitution just to prove others wrong and satisfy their self.

Sexual orientation is also one of the reasons Pakistan first (documented) Javed Iqbal who murder 100 boys was a gay. He was a pampered child belongs  to a notable wealthy family but he ended up killing 100 boys he used to attract them with sweets, candies or job offer. After sexually abusing them he dissolve their bodies in an self made acid and kept their belonging as a souvenirs. It is said that he was found being caught by the family members and they insulted and jailed him for trying to sexually assault heir boys, even his family members abandoned him when it comes to this. So what other way he found was path of a serial killer.

Despite these reasons our society plays another role by not giving the proper justice. Agencies that are supposed to provide and protect justice in positions of power exploit their power, causing more harm. Even contributing to the mistrust that exists within the community.  It is the government agencies that need to step up to the plate, and re-evaluate their purpose and mission. It is the government who needs to mend what is broken, and to make right what is wrong. One may ask, “How can we stop the greed, violence, crime and corruption in the streets. When those who have taken the oath to serve and protect are running unrestrained and guilty of the same?”

Recently in Pakistan the incident of the factory in Baldia town in that tragedy the lives of at least 258 factory workers were lost. The factory set on fire for its refusal to pay extortion money and the men inside were suffocates to death. A Rangers’ report submitted in the Sindh High Court held the MQM responsible for the Baldia fire tragedy that claimed the lives of at least 258 factory workers. The report is base on information collectes from an allege MQM worker, Rizwan Qureshi, in 2013.

What is the future of that city? The society whose been leaded by such rulers. A society whose being running by a gun man rule it’s no surprise to find any serial killer in such circumstances. Because the upper lot is already having a sociopath mind, if not then how can man order to kill 200+ innocent man. Just because of some extortion money without feeling remorse, shame and repent towards his own act. Imran khan in his press conference on 9 Feb, 2015 also says MQM leader as psychopath as to him also it was not rational to manipulate peoples through a phone line and to kill peoples insensibly.

So, if you are having thoughts what you part? or you can play? The solutions is simple look for the reason and try to understand other person reasons and help them resolving conflicts arising in their logic. Be careful of your behavior,  must take in consideration any act before doing it. What consequences it may cause, either your action creating an irritability in other person or might a little deeds of yours is pushing a person in utter abyss of despair, that ticks his killing intentions.

Next time you see a person treats unjustly by the society, try not to gave a blind maxresdefault (3)and deaf ear to him. At least if you not make her misery lessen try opposing the unjust act. Similarly if you saw someone being having an strange or not normal ideas don’t label him like an mad and alien. If you can’t understand his point of view then don’t condemn it. Either because what is normal for you might be abnormal for him and otherwise you may be participating in making a normal person insane.


In the end Psychopaths are not crazy, mentally ill or nuts. They are rational, normal people. The psychopath feels no guilt for murdering and cannibalizing others. Because they don’t think it is wrong to do so. Their conscience teaches it’s ok to do bad stuff to others if that’s what you want to do. This is why they feel no remorse, not because they have no conscience. And it’s not like they are born with it. Society makes them. So the things we should more condemn rather than their killing must be their reasons which make them kills. People like us, me and you. We make them and then we hate them… no wonder that’s why it gave us chills?

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    Nyce One Author Rabbia Ashraf But Try to add more pictures and HD picture like your feature image
    over all your article is interesting

    1. Rabbia Ashraf says

      Thank you for your appreciation

  2. Inoasuna says

    Yes I agree with the article…. I do feel bad

    1. Rabbia Ashraf says

      Inoasuna I am Glad that you understand

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