Quantum Computer The Super Artificial Intelligent PC

Quantum computer

We, Human beings, are familiar with the changes and always have tried to bring on new changes for ourselves. We have achieved many goals which were actually revolution for all humans. We transformed the weapons of past (which were of woods and stone) to newest atom bombs and transformed largest machines into smallest devices. I am going to get you through a whole new level of transform in computers.

What is Quantum computer?

Quantum Computer - Lifestan

Quantum computer is a computer which works on quantum mechanical phenomena. For example, superposition or entanglement, for the processes of data and information. Quantum computer is future coming computer so there is research on how to build a successful quantum computer. However, there is a theoretical model of such computer which is Quantum Turing Machine and is considered to be the Universal Quantum Computer and it will be hack proof computer.

Quantum Computer - Lifestan
Quantum Computer Design Promo

As quantum computer is a computer with a great speed, all the agencies, businessmen, government and different institutes are funding to make quantum computer a computer for civilians, businessmen, office workers and for learning purposes.

Differences between Quantum computer and transistor computer;

  1. Electronic computers use bits (0 or 1) for storage of data while quantum computers use qubits.
  2. Electronic computers can only have single value of 1 or 0 while quantum computers can have the value of “0” or “1” or both.
  3. Electronic computers use logic gates to perform different operations while quantum computers use quantum gates.
  4. The speed of Electronic Computers of 4 bits can make 16 combination while


Qubits are the basic units of quantum computer for information storage. A qubit can be a photon or spin of a magnetic field. Unlike bit (which can be “0” or “1”), qubits can be “0” and ”1” in a single time which is called the superposition of qubits. 4 bits can make a maximum combination of 16 while one qubit, in superposition, can make all of the 16 combinations individually.

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