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Syphilis is known sexually transmitted infection but it is not very communal as other sexually transmitted infections. If it is not given care, there might be serious health problems in both genders.

What causes syphilis?

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It is triggered by Treponema pallidum which is known bacteria. This can be passed easily from one to another sex through sexual contact. Anybody who is sexually dynamic on making sex can get it.

How is it passed?

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You can be badged off syphilis without any alert of infection because symptoms can be insignificant and also you may not identify them.

Syphilis can be transferred from one gender to another, it happens during sex and by direct contact of skin with someone who possesses syphilis infection sores. There is also possibility of transformation before symptoms or could be after.

Syphilis infection can spread out when you have sex (oral sex or etc.) Using safety protection such as condom correctly will lessen the chance of getting on syphilis.

Syphilis can also be handed on by blood transfusion. Conversely, in the UK blood donors are demonstrated to find this before the blood is passed on to next person.

It is conceivable for women who are pregnant because the infection will pass to her unborn baby. This is called as congenital syphilis. You are not going to catch syphilis from sharing baths, swimming pools and sharing cups.

What are the signs?

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The signs are equally in both men and women. They are very difficult to be recognized or noticed.

It has few stages:

  • The first stage is known as primary syphilis
  • The second stage is known as secondary syphilis
  • The latent stage is known as latent syphilis
  • The third stage is known as tertiary syphilis

If you get sign, you could see followings.

First stage

  • One or more sores called a chancre. It is usually without any serious pain and it will appear where the bacteria got in the body. This can be seen within 2-3 weeks after coming into contact with syphilis.
  • These sores will be appeared anywhere on the body, in female gender, they are detected on vulva. The entrance to uterus and round the opening of the tube where urine comes out and the anus.
  • In male gender, they are seen round the opening of the urethra, on foreskin and round the lower midsection.
  • The sores of beginning stages are in severity and are also very infectious and may take 2-6 weeks to heal. By this time, the bacteria will go round next parts of the body and it will be known as second stage of syphilis.

Second stage

If the infection is untreated the second stage will appear after some weeks later healing. This stage is infectious as can be passed on the next person’s body.

  • Painless rash which are not itchy, can be spread out all over the body but often it is seen on the palms of hands soles of the feet.
  • Kind of flu-like illness, exhaustion, and loss of appetite with swollen glands, can be seen in last weeks or months.
  • White patches on the tongue side or top part of the mouth.
  • Occasional hair loss.

Latent stage

If syphilis is not treated, it is known as latent syphilis. Then the diagnosis is made by positive blood test.

Third stage

If it remains untreated, after some years, it will start causing damages to the heart, brain, bones, and nervous system.

How will I know if I have?

  • You had unprotected or vulnerable sex with a new partner
  • A sexual part talks about if they had sexual transmitted infection
  • You are pregnant or having plan of pregnancy
  • You or your partner had unprotected sex with others

Don’t waste timing without seeking advice, doctors or clinics never mind giving answer about your sexual health check-ups.

How accurate are the tests if I ….?

100 % all tests are not accurate but syphilis tests should surprise  all infections. If you have been with different sexual partner then it is difficult which partner you got syphilis from. Please consult at clinic doctors if you feel hesitation talking with any of your friends or family.

Will it affect my fertility?

Well, there is no proof that syphilis will affect fertility in both genders.

What is going to be next if I get syphilis during my pregnancy?

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You should be given instruction of a blood test for syphilis. If it is found, you can be treated with safely treatment during pregnancy. This can help out prevention of baby for becoming infected. There will be no risk of treatment causing damage to the baby.

If it is no treated you may pass infection to your new baby in the uterus. This can lead with a baby with syphilis and could cause damage.

Syphilis cause cervical cancer?

There is no proof of cervical cancer.

Note: This general information is only to provide you a general information and it is based on evidence produced.

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