Sign and different stages of labor

Signs of labor

Actual labors regularly experience inconvenient contractions. During this stage you could suffer contractions and discomfort in the lower back. Some of the women will see tightening feeling in lower abdomen. It will certainly cause insignificant agitation and can last only for few seconds at a time during early contractions. This contraction will improve day to day and will be stronger than before. The timing will also be increase predictably. Some contractions will go to sixty to ninety seconds with only approximately two to three minutes of gap in between.

What is a contraction?

It is recurring movement of the uterine muscle which bases labor. False contractions are not regular, painless sensation only felt when uterus stiffens and gives relaxation during pregnancy. Real contractions are longer and closer together. They will occur in regular timings and they will start in the lower back. Some of the women will have lower abdominal cramping which feel same as menstrual cramps.  It will continue even if you drink lots of water or do rest.

If you think you are labor

Before 37 weeks of your pregnancy, you need to contact doctor if you are experiencing true labor. If you feel it’s you first baby, come to the hospital when your contractions regular about 5 minutes apart for 1-2 hours. Eat or drink only light foods and take rest possible on your left side. Regularly time your contractions with a watch close to you. If one contraction begins at 10:10 and next one begins at 10:16 they are 6 minutes apart from each other.

Rupture of membranes

It is called water break and it is gush of fluid from the vagina after the bag of fluid around the baby breaks. It is frequently clear but it might be white or green. The water bag can break at any time it means it can break before you feel any discomfort and might leak out during contraction.

If you think your water has broken, call nearest doctor or you should go to hospital. .

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

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