The Philosophy of Eyes

The Philosophy of Eyes

Lets flow in the oceans, sparks of genial eyes to exaggerate the feelings of hidden world. Which are overshadowed in perception. The doorway to heart, the place where love resides. Where the soul speaks up, Where the silent is heard in volume high. Where the emotion dance and where the EYES emerge.
The eyes were too deep
Quite and lonely,
As oceans flew in them
With the dead sea shores,
Just like divine
Surrounded by Perls and diamonds,
I jumped in them,
And lost myself…!

Eyes resembles to oceans, with holdance of hoards and chronicles just like shores narrating. The treachery in love, comeliness of cosmos, flawlessness of tears like the waves being pushed forward and drawn back.


They reveal within the dreams of unconscious. The tear concealed within the smile. The pity of being, pulchritude of soul. The credence on spirits and the hope of undefined world, So sympathetic and empathetic.

Passing clouds, the thoughts that set the mood of tide,high and low but peaceful and stormy. Prevailing the secrets of inner self. The controversies and conflicts, discrimination of surrounding, grief of empty stomach. The deepness of thoughts are ever caught in blinking of eyes.

To know psychology of Eyes help in development to explain growth and transformation in perceptual, cognitive and social abilities from infancy through young adulthood. The small ball get together by visualizing the best screen of fovea. Where the cones put best of understanding to the screen.

Whereas the cornea and lens accommodate in bending of light on surface. One of the main in focus of perception to visualize and let the brain to function.
The most amazing mysteries which let the world in are eyes. We see beauty along with whats not so beautiful. Having the potential to connect us spiritually and physically. Speaking the language of rolling tears and extreme joys.

The source to see the pulchritude of sea, giving rainbow shades of colors, reflection of dreams, expression of lips that are confessed in a wink. The petite couple assist in declaring the giant possessions.
They bring up the echoing and indicating the antiquity of soul, discoursing the lofty dialects of whole unaffirming huddles.

Beautiful like the oceans blue, black, grey and brown produces tsunamis when quakes happen. So deep they go when explored then uncontrollable, the wide, deep, expressive and impressive.
This is the precious present, regardless of what yesterday was like, regardless of what tomorrow may bring. When your inner eyes open, you can find immense beauty hidden within the inconsequential details of daily life.

“Blinking down with the shy,
The ping pong ball with the joy.
Expressing the gossips of imagined world.
So innocent deep like chapter to be learnt.
Weap with laughters smile with tears.
Lets jump in the ocean to find our world…!

What is spirituality 

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