How To Get USA Student Visa For Pakistani Students- A Clear Guidance

How To Get USA Student Visa For Pakistani Students- A Clear Guidance

1. Types of American student visas

American Student Visas are of two types:
1. STUDENT VISA F1 is for the students who want to study full time in a recognized American institution.
2. STUDENT VISA M1 is for non academic or vocational studies.

 2. Eligibility Criteria

  1. For Bachelor degree, you must have completed 12 years of education in Pakistan i.e. A-level or Intermediate.
  2. For master degree, you must have completed 16 years of education in Pakistan i.e BS(Hons), MA/MSc or equivalent.
  3. must have excellent academic record throughout.
  4. You must have strong financial support to bear the all the living and educational costs in USA.
  5. must have scored at least 250 points in TOEFL Test.

3. How to apply

  1. The first step is to find your course and the college/university which is appropriate for this specific course. So, visit the official websites of various colleges and institutions and analyze the course details, commencement dates, fee structure. These websites may provide you some valuable information:                                                                  i., is a search tool which will help you in searching your required colleges/ universities.
    ii. & these sites will assist you in searching websites of different colleges/universities
    iii. Here, you can find newsletters and journals of various colleges/universities.
  2. While selecting your colleges/universities, also start your preparation for language and other admission tests. For more information, Please visit the following websites:

    i. For TOEFL,
    ii. For SAT,
    iii. For ACT (American college test),
    iv. For GRE (Graduate Record Examination),
    v. For GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test),
    vi. For USMLE (U.S Medical Licensing Examination),

  3. Send admission request via email to at least three American institutes and get yourself enrolled. Also send certificates, degrees, TOEFL result and other required documents (sometimes recommendation letter depending on the institute) to the institute.
  4. Alongside, decide about your residence in USA. If you want to live in university hostel then you will have to pay hostel charges in addition to university fees.
  5. If you get approval for your admision, university will send l-20 or DS-2019 form. Now you can apply for study visa of USA on this behalf. Some institute issue l-20 after receiving admission fee only. Others take full fee for first semester or year. Additionally, you have to pay 200 dollars “SEVIS FEE” online via www.fmjfeeonline.
  6. Now, its the time to apply for USA study visa. Remember, you should start this whole process at least three months prior to the commencement of your course.

    How To Get USA Student Visa For Pakistani Students- A Clear Guidance

4. Documents Required For USA Study Visa application

Now, you will take following documents with you for applying study visa of USA via AMERICAN EXPRESS.
1-Duly filled DS-156 electronic visa form i.e. Fill the form on and take the print out
2-Recent photograph with white background of 2”*2” size
3-Copy of l-20 form
4-Passport with the validity of at least six months
5-Receipt of visa fee i.e. 140 dollars
6-Receipt of 200 dollars “SEVIS FEE”
Certainly, American express will inform you regarding the time and date of your interview after receiving the above-mentioned documents.

5. Documents required in interview for USA Student Visa 

You must have the following original documents while going for interview:
1. All educational certificates, diplomas and degrees
2. Evidence of language proficiency and other tests required by the American institutes i.e. GMAT, SAT, TOEFL.
3. Bank Statement as a proof that you have enough funds to pay for your stay and your course of study in USA for one year.
4. Dependent students will present the statement of their sponsor and proof of relation with   sponsor.
5. Students of post graduation will present their CV, published articles, educational record, job history and details of their research plan/proposal in USA.
Although, you can go one month before the start of your session, but not prior than that. Date of commencement of classes is written on l-20 form.

6. Cost of USA Study Visa in Pakistan

The estimated cost of processing the visa application is around 60000 PKR. Annually, average cost of 15000 dollars are expected that includes tuition fee, hostel fee, books, transport and other costs. But this range may vary from 10000$ to 50000$ as per situation.
I hope these steps will guide you till your destination!

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