Adobe After Effects CC 2017 Free Download Plus 2018

Adobe After Effects CC 2017 is Adobe’s most recent update for the popular motion graphics and visual effects software package. Adobe After Effects CC 2017 brings with it a set of new features as well as a performance upgrade that has been long desired by veteran After Effects users.

Adobe After Effects CC Download for Windows 7 and 10

The biggest addition to the latest version of After Effects is a functionality called Team Projects. Other new options also focus on working more efficiently including real-time revisions on extruded 3D objects in the timeline. After Effects CC 2017 is that it now automatically installs the Adobe Character Animator CC app, which is still in pre-release form. This new app makes it possible to create animations using your webcam. Character Animator scenes are able to be imported as a live connection in both After Effects and Premiere Pro, allowing for updates in Character Animator to reflect in these other apps.

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adobe after effects download free full version

Adobe After Effects CC full version supports Windows 10 and Windows 7 or macOS, After Effects one of the best and professional software on the market even Hollywood movies use it for effects etc.

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Adobe After Effects CC 2017 supports x64 bit or above this.

Download 1

Download 2

  1. Put all files together and extract them
  2. Open setup folder run the setup then now select driver now click open
  3. Click next let the installation to be complete
  4. Now run the PTC select Adobe After Effects CC 2017
  5. Click install button find the antlb.dl files now select it and click open

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How To Install?

Download Adobe After Effects CC 2018 Latest Updated Version

1. Put all the download files in one folder then select one of them and extract here and type this password:  | Download WinRAR to extract the files

NOTE: We have updated the article you do not have to download 3 RAR files. You need to download just 2 RAR files.


after effects cc installation - Lifestan

2. After extracting open install folder than run the setup and click install.

adobe after effects cc | Lifestan

3. Select driver and click open.

adobe after effects driver - lifestan

4. Click next.

Adobe after effects - Lifestan

5. Now click Install the Adobe After Effects CC 2017

Adobe software - lifestan

6. Wait the installation to be complete.

adobe illustrator cc - Lifestan

7. Now open patch folder and run the patch.

adobe after effects serial key | Lifestan

8. First select Adobe After Effects CC 2017 than click install.

after effects free download | Lifestan

9. Open your C-Drive where ever is your windows installed and than open program files folder.

windows c drive and program files - Lifestan

10. Now open Adobe folder than Adobe After Effects CC 2017 folder.

free download after effects - lifestan

11. Click open support files than select and open amtlib.dll

adobe after effects amtlib.dll - lifestan

                              It’s done

adobe illustrator free download - lifestan

adobe after effects cc 2017 free download | Lifestan

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  1. mesk says

    insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service.
    this happens when i open the Patch file, and then the file disappears…what should i do?

  2. pp says

    At the Time of extracting it is saying “Data Error in encrypted file ‘instal\\AEFT\’. Wrong password?

    1. Sarwari says

      do not copy-paste the password type it by yourself

      1. Dorpon says

        Whats the password Plzzz ?

        1. Sarwari says

          Read the article. The password is on the first step. type by yourself:

      2. ravi says

        sir pach not instel

        1. Sarwari says


  3. Rea says

    It worked perfectly. Thank you.

  4. Asish says

    I extract Adobe After effect file but i didn’t get a patch file. Please tell me how to get patch file?

    1. Sarwari says

      What did you get?

      1. Asish says

        i just got setup installation folder but patch folder is empty.

        1. Asish says

          Hey,Admin please tell me what should I do?

    2. John Swein says

      Disable antivirus temporarily

  5. Prince says

    Hello admin. I’m using Windows 10 on x64 base processor. I’ve downloaded after affects (all three rar files) of x64 and successfully unrar it & also disabled antivirus and firewall. But when i tried to start the setup it says. “No internet connection”.

    Even besides I tried to open patch file, then it says “Windows cannot access the specific device, path or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item.”

    Is there anything can be done?

    1. Sarwari says

      try it with internet connection i mean turn on your internet and try

    2. Minky says

      Yes, turn on internet ‘until’ the first install box with the 3 options appears, and then you can switch it off again.

  6. Isaiah Norfleet says

    Do you have to download all 3 downloads of AE?

    1. Sarwari says


  7. Samson says

    (AfterFx.exe – system error) window opens and shows like ….The program can’t start because MSVCP140.dll is missing from your computer .try reinstalling the program to fix this problem .

    What to do admin

      1. Samson says

        It doesn’t work …..the same error is showing.

  8. ishant says

    patch file is not working…. when am opening it …. it is not showing anything

    1. Sarwari says

      turn off your antivirus before extracting then try it

  9. Hugogo to heaven says

    didnt work, it says installed and everything but there is no application, if this still gets viewd im open for sugestions and also does this still work in general?

    1. Sarwari says

      Send me the error why it’s not working?

  10. pratik says

    it says : insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service.
    admin !! pls help !! i tried doing this 3 times once with internet and twice without internet !! pls help with the same !!! admin

  11. Vishal Gurlahosur says

    There are three files for download. Do we have to install all 3 of them or anyone out of three?

    1. Sarwari says

      download all of them. and put all the files in one folder then extract one of them

  12. Ali Raza says

    blay file ki right click kni extract add na mya. maslay azi chiya sir ?

    1. Sarwari says

      Dear bro first download WinRar click on this link to download WinRar Download Win-Rar

      then install the WinRar software then click right you’ll see the extract option

  13. sami says

    Hi I have a problem when I try installing the setup it shows that I have no internet connection even tough I have connect. plz help

    1. Sarwari says

      read the article again please and follow the instructions

  14. Hello@Friend1 says

    Title of pop-up: Next Volume is Required

    “You need the following volume to continue the extraction…”

    “Insert the disk with this volume and press ‘OK’ to try again or press “Cancel” to break extraction…”

    This popped up during the extraction of the folder. What to do?

    1. Sarwari says

      Please put all the download files in one folder then extract just one of them it will work

  15. zon koll says

    i finish all steps but i can’t press *INSTALL* why ?

    1. Sarwari says

      in the 2nd step is the installing process. try once again

  16. Rico says

    It said I was successfully installed After effect in my computer but I have nothing to start the program. I tried to uninstall it and install again. But still say I was installed already. Dont know what to do.

    1. Sarwari says

      Please search the after-effects in your start menu you’ll find. One thing more do the ptc also

  17. Milena says

    Omg thank you!!!! Everything is working!

  18. Cheryl says

    Hello, can I ask what happens after you download Winrar? I have downloaded Winrar and there is only a folder. There is no Winrar installation software pop up option

    1. Sarwari says

      download again and install the winrar then try to extract

  19. waseem says

    password of zipfile

    1. Sarwari says

      try ( or (

  20. phani says The required volume is absent Checksum error in the encrypted file install\AEFT\ Corrupt file or wrong password.

    1. Sarwari says

      please do not copy-paste the password type it by yourself

      1. Illman says

        When i click the setup it shows no internet connection. Should i connect to internet when installing

        1. Sarwari says

          yes try with internet connection

    2. Rin says

      What is the exact password plz

      1. Sarwari says

        read the article we have provided the password

  21. Sanxzu says

    Hello, i’m trying to install after effects, but I have an issue at THIRD step. When I click “Open” after I select “Driver”, nothing is happening and the window “Creative Cloud” came back like on SECOND step with the 3 options.
    I don’t know why, even if I think it’s because Creative Cloud is already installed (I installed Premiere Pro earlier following your website). I hope you’ll be able to help me.

    1. Sarwari says

      Uninstall the Adobe Creative Cloud then try to install the after effects

  22. Ambeel says

    its not working. after installation when i open adobe after effect then find this error (the application was unable to start correctly(0x000007b), click ok to close the application.)

  23. m says

    the program can’t start because api-ms-win-crt-heap-l1-1-0.dll is missing from your computer. try reinstalling the program to fix this problem..

    i already reinstalled it but still no luck. help me please

  24. Mitch says

    when i try to use the setup application, it states that the system cannot find the path specified. what should i do?

  25. manoj mohanty says

    all installation are complied at the time of open the an system error box is shown

    The program cant start because api-ms-win-crt-heap-l1-1-0.dll is missing from your computer. try instuling the program to fix yhis problem
    what i do

  26. manoj mohanty says

    all installation are complied at the time of open the an system error box is shown

    The program cant start because api-ms-win-crt-heap-l1-1-0.dll is missing from your computer. try instuling the program to fix yhis problem
    what i do

  27. Govind says

    Unable to patch, displaying file is not loaded

  28. Govind says

    From Process 9 I am unable to do it

    1. Sarwari says

      there are two program files visit the other one

  29. bloriach says

    Hi! I successfully installed the program, but I can seem to find it on the computer and open it. The installation looked ok, so is it possible that I did something wrong? The only file connected to After Effects is your installation file and there isn’t a program available on Start menu. Any ideas?

    1. Sarwari says

      make sure your pc storage is not full and less.

  30. silver says

    hey admin, i got the Patch folder but my computer immediately deleted it without me doing anything. what to do? is there a virus in it?

    1. Sarwari says

      antivirus are not accept patch files just turn of your antivirus

  31. jubeen says

    everything done according to the procedure till last step,but nothing opened later,please tell what to be done next.

    1. Sarwari says

      please install it again and search in your windows menu you will find the setup

  32. Chaitu says

    No issues during installation. After installation, cant see the application in start menu.

    1. Sarwari says

      please uninstall and install it again

  33. Po says

    IT WORKS!!!

    1. Sarwari says

      share our articles with your friends

  34. Nazmul Hossen Hridoy says

    Dear Admin, When we try to extract the Zip files, a window shows up & ask for “Passwords”
    Can you please provide us the “Password”

    1. Sarwari says

      read the article once again we have provided the password too type:

  35. Jksnoble says

    I installed Adobe after effect but it can’t run,It shows CVRuntime140.dll is missing try reinstall the software.

    1. Sarwari says
  36. Jksnoble says

    Also send CorelDRAW software

    1. Sarwari says


  37. jay says

    is it free or monthly subscription?

    1. Sarwari says

      full free lifetime

  38. balaraju says

    bro its asking volume disk

    1. Sarwari says

      put all the files together then extract and install make sure you have free storage to install this

  39. balaraju says

    what i do

    1. Sarwari says

      what do you want to do?

  40. amir says

    i have a problem to replace after effect composition in premier pro. after effect doesn’t import the footage from premier pro and the preview just stay black

  41. Ameer says

    after i open the patch folder and select adobe after effects cc 2017 and then go to the support files folder and click on atmlib i cant do any thing else and i cant find the program in my laptop. help please .

    1. Sarwari says

      make sure your antivirus is off and turn do the installation again

  42. JustAsOmebodyyy says

    On the 7th step it doesn’t show the path folder. Like it shows it but when I open it, nothing shows. What do I do??

    1. Sarwari says

      please turn off your antivirus then extract

  43. Nori says

    When in the last step, when you have already selected the dll and it gets opened in the AMTEmu, I can’t click install, only advanced button is available. Am I suposed just to close the window without clicking anything else?
    Thank you so much :).

    1. Sarwari says

      you need first click on the install button then go to the dll file, run the patch click on the install button

  44. Hendra says

    Why my libraries menu is not coming up?

    1. Sarwari says

      don’t know

  45. Coala says

    Thank you for giving all the instructions how to install After Effect 2017,
    and I want to ask you one thing, if I do not extract the ‘patch’ file, is there any inconvenience using the program? because even though I didn’t follow the patch file step, the program still works fine.
    Is it necessary to open the patch file? Thank you.

    1. Sarwari says

      with ptch you can use it forever but simple installation i just for 30 days

  46. Syed Ali Zaid says

    tell me the password of this file before extracting this…

    1. Sarwari says

      Do not copy paste the password just type it by yourself

  47. melina says

    hello, as i try to open the program it says yopur computer is missing MSVCR110.dll i did all the steps correctly what should i do?

  48. Partha says

    WOW64 File System Redirection : disabled

  49. Anjela says

    Great work lifestan… We got a great lessening of installation

  50. Rajkumar says

    Sir it says msvcp140-dll is Missing. What to do now?

    1. Sarwari says
  51. Tan says

    Hi I ve alrdy install three of the rar file and when I extract it, it just have the install file that guide me to a AEFT file and inside this file have a Adobe After Effect 14 All Trial compressed zip file that is empty,how can I fix it

    1. Sarwari says

      before extracting the files make sure your antivirus is off

  52. dhruv says

    the code execution cannot proceed because MSVCR110.dll was not found.
    this massage is displayed wen i install and then open it. what should i do ?

  53. merns says

    I dont have any antivirus on my computer and when I try running the patch, it says it cant find any file?

    1. Sarwari says

      please read the article once again and I have shown in the article that how to find the file and patch it

  54. dheny says

    can i take pasword?

    1. Sarwari says

      do not copy paste the password please type it by yourself

  55. Crishyl May says

    After performing Step 3, this pops out:

    This program can only be installed on versions of Windows designed for the following processor architectures:

    I’m using a 32-bit Operating System, x64-based processor

  56. Akhil R Pillai says

    after clicking install button on patch, an error shows up reading “file not loaded”
    it does not search for any file. kindly help

    1. Sarwari says

      turn off your antivirus before extracting

  57. Kirell says

    I’m getting an msxml3 error as I open and a runtime error when I try to select to driver. It says variant is null, cannot invoke. does this have anything to do with creative cloud? because I have premiere installed and not sure if I should delete it or not.

    1. Sarwari says
  58. Mayur says

    i completed all steps and installed adobe after effect cc 2017 finally.
    in last step :opened the patch file and selected “adobe afte……. cc 2017”
    and then i click on install button.
    its showing file loading but i can’t get the file select menu to go “amtlib.dll”.
    is there another way to select the file from c drive and complete the steps.

    i have already turn off the antivirus and internet before extract.

    1. Sarwari says

      please uninstall the software and download the files once again

  59. pramod singh says

    why there is only two rar files? from where i got the third file?????

    1. Sarwari says

      we have updated our content 2 rar files is enough just read the article once again

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