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Education today There are plenty of people with bundles of educational degrees invested with tons of hard work, sleepless nights, sweat, and blood. But being holder of a degree does not necessarily mean the person is educated. Educational system of today gauges students’ learning on scale of ability to memorize and reflect what is memorized photographically. Those who are unable to learn by heart lag behind those who have capacity to rote learn. Educational success is completely contingent on a student’s ability to learn facts rather than that to creatively apply them.

Education Today Scoring System

Be it school, college, or university, major aim of students, usually inoculated in them by their parents, is to score high. This race for highest scores impedes the learning process required to expand students’ mind. Instead of conceptualizing what is taught, students are compelled to learn the text word by word. Any deviation from what’s written in book might be a hazardous menace to their scores in exams.


Admission System

Moreover, sheer importance given to scores can be imputed to the fact that admissions to colleges and universities are contingent on grades rather than abilities. Students can’t afford to put their grades at risk as their scores are their only passage to a bright future. High grades in school are required to enter a renowned college. They are fought for in college to get admitted in a well-known university. And they are needed in university to grab a well-paying job. Hence, this greed for marks is fed and nurtured by admission criteria of almost all educational institutions.

Evaluation Pattern

Students’ learning is evaluated by examinations that are only partially reflective of their knowledge and abilities. They are judged on their ability to correctly fill in a blank with a word written in book. Even that word’s synonym is not given any score. So, it just has to be that word because apparently students have a camera in their brain.


Corruption and Nepotism

Educational institutions, both government and private, are being gulped by corruption and nepotism of its administration as well as faculty. Trepidation of a student to speak up against being exploited by teachers prompts a need to look into this matter of power abuse. Thus, teachers negatively evaluate their students based on private grudges just because they are privileged enough to be in a position that holds their students’ entire future. Furthermore, they prefer specific students over other which has a huge influence on grading.


How is a country supposed to progress by leaps and bounds with an educational system at highest level of inadequacy, teachers at zenith of nepotism, and administration at peak of irresponsibility?

Power Corrupts

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