How to Enhance your Happiness

How to Enhance your Happiness

Every human being in this world has some strengths as well as weaknesses. No one in this world is perfect. But being humans, we have a natural tendency to focus on the negatives rather than positives. That’s what we keep doing when we evaluate ourselves and make comparisons with others. In this way, we lose confidence in ourselves and happiness in life. Some people do it more than others. This results in repeated feelings of inadequacy which makes a person unhappy most of the time.


Some Ways to Feel Happy and Overcoming Negativity

Here are some tips which can be very helpful to make a person feel happy for himself or herself and fighting one’s negative thoughts. I hope you find them interesting and make a part of your daily life easily.

Hand drawing unhappy and happy smileys on blackboard

  • Try to look for the good and focus on positive things in your life rather than the negative ones.
  • Try to build positive emotions like kindness, letting go of negative things, feeling happiness for your qualities and once you have built these habits, remain focused and broaden them further.
  • Write about all the things that went good for you in the whole day. You can also start by a week for example at weekend, think about all the good events that occurred during the whole week and write them down.
  • Be aware of your thinking style. Negativity is normal. We all have the tendency to focus on it but don’t make it your weakness. Face it in the eye and give it space. Whenever you feel that I’m thinking negatively, hit a PAUSE button or say to yourself, “No, I’m not going there”.responsible-for-my-own-happiness
  • Keep an eye on what you say to yourself. Because what you tell yourself dictates how you feel. Try to avoid if’s, should, musts and have to’s in your thinking.
  • Make positive statements to boost yourself like “I’m getting better every day!”, “It’s okay!”(If someone has bothered you). You can also use anything funny, it all depends on you.
  • Share your joys, sorrows and feelings with others. Talk about them and express them.
  • When you feel, someone has hurt you or offended you, talk about it and tell that person why you felt hurt.
  • Write down the things you really like about yourself. Make a list and do keep adding things in it, even those that you think are the small ones.


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