What is iOS Jailbreak?


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IOS Jailbreak Introduction

As we all know Apple’s iPhone OS and UI (User Interface) is kinda limited, Like you can’t add theme, Has Bluetooth but can’t transfer songs, Feels kinda weird with that expensive phone you can’t do certain things, Like android phones does. Well there is a process called jailbreak, In which you can use your phone as your will (as you want), Compare Apple’s Os to Android Os when installing 3rd party apps, Android has built-in option to install 3rd party apps but Apple Os won’t let to install 3rd party apps unless you jailbreak.

What is IOS Jailbreak?

Jailbreak removes OS (Operating System) limitation and You have total control (like you can tweak/edit anything) over your Iphone, Ipad, Ipod, Apple Tv and adds an extra Appstore called Cydia, Which allows you to tweak system’s file. jailbreak breaking can be done by Computer or Mac though different software.

After jailbreak Cydia App.
Cydia App UI (User Interface).


There are 4 types of jailbreak, Tethered, Un-tethered, Semi tethered and semi un-tethered.


When your phone’s battery dies or you restart your phone, You no longer have jailbreak on your device and It gets stuck at booting (starting) logo and will need a computer to start it up again (Re-jailbreak).


In Un-tethered jailbreak you don’t lose jailbreak when your phone’s battery dies or you restart you phone.

Semi tethered

When you restart your phone it boots (starts) normally without jailbreak on it, You will need a computer to jailbreak again.

Semi un-tethered

It works just like semi tethered when it comes to booting (starting after restart) but it doesn’t requires computer to re-jailbreak, you can re-jailbreak by a developer provided app.


Reasons to Jailbreak

. Total control/freedom over your device.
. Free apps, Free games (Even the paid ones).
. Themes.

Reasons Not to Jailbreak

. Removes warranty.
. Illegal in some countries to Jailbreak.
. Your Phones is easier to get Hacked.


Note: A jailbreak is coming for IOS firmware 10.1. and 10.1.1 for 64bit devices means for
. iPhone 5s, iPhone 6/6 plus, iPhone 6s/6s plus, iPhone SE and iPhone 7/7 plus.
. iPod touch 6th gen.
. iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro.

Those who are at iOS firmware 10.2, Chances are that jailbreak might be coming for them too but they have to stay at iOS firmware 10.2 .


Feel free to ask anything about Jailbreak, Just comment below. (:

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